Mission, Vision, Values

Horizons Foundation serves the diverse needs of the San Francisco Bay Area community.

Our Mission 

Horizons Foundation is a community foundation rooted in and dedicated to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community, and we exist to:

  • Mobilize and increase resources for the LGBT movement and organizations that secure the rights, meet the needs, and celebrate the lives of LGBT people.
  • Empower individual donors and promote giving as an integral part of a healthy, compassionate community.
  • Steward a permanently endowed fund through which donors can make legacy gifts to ensure our community’s capacity to meet the future needs of LGBT people.

Our Vision

Horizons Foundation envisions a world where all people live free from prejudice and discrimination, and where LGBT people contribute to and thrive in a vibrant, diverse, giving, and compassionate community.

Our Values

Horizons Foundation is guided in all its work by the following seven values:

Social Justice

We’re committed to seeking justice for all people and understanding that winning the rights of LGBT people is linked to a larger movement for social justice.

Creative leadership

We’re committed to providing and supporting innovative responses to community needs and to taking risks in investing in cutting-edge organizations and community actions.


We’re committed to respecting, celebrating, and supporting diversity, including diversity of race, age, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, and economic background and circumstances.

Service to the underserved

We’re committed to prioritizing support to parts of the LGBT community that are least served, including communities of color, women, and transgender people.


We’re committed to realizing the potential of philanthropy to win our community’s rights and meet its needs, and to enrich the life of the LGBT community.

Openness, inclusion, and partnership

We’re committed to involving the community in our grantmaking and building and fostering collaborative relationships throughout community.


We’re committed to maintaining the highest professional standards with respect to investment and management of our community’s funds to ensure maximum amount for philanthropic purposes.

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