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Field of Interest Funds

Horizons has created several field of interest funds that bring together donors around particular topics and generate new resources for LGBT organizations and projects.

  • Fund for Advocacy and Political Initiatives
    This fund supports organizations working in crucial education, analysis, and advocacy activities that strengthen their engagement in ballot measures and other political activism.
  • Civil Marriage Collaborative Donor Circle
    This fund, which is supported by donors interested in marriage equality, makes it possible for Horizons Foundation to take part in the Civil Marriage Collaborative. This national group of funders makes strategic grants to help achieve civili marriage equality for same-sex couples throughout the U.S.

Past field of interest funds also include:

  • Gwen Araujo Memorial Fund for Transgender Education
    Established on the first anniversary of Gwen Araujo's brutal murder in Newark, California, the Gwen Araujo Memorial Transgender Education Fund aimed to reduce the ignorance and hatred that caused this terrible hate crime in the Bay Area. The purpose of the fund was to support school-based programs that promote understanding of transgender people and issues.
  • LGBT Film Donor Circle
    This donor circle was a mechanism for donors interested in funding LGBT films to find out about current projects, discuss their merits with each other and neutral outside film experts, and find a community of similarly interested donors.