Thank you so much to the many supporters of Horizons Foundation’s 6th Annual LGBT Golf Fore Good Women’s Tournament and Tee Dance! This year was the most successful LGBT Golf Fore Good to date! We are absolutely delighted with the stellar group of women golfers, sponsors, volunteers, and dancers that came out in support of Horizons and the LGBT community this year!

Horizons Foundation is excited to announce that LGBT Golf Fore Good 2015 raised more than $42,000 to help meet the needs, secure the rights and celebrate the lives of LGBT people.

Congratulations to our Tournament Winners! 


Birdie Birds

1st Place Team



2nd Place Team


Returning Champions

3rd Place Team

Closest to the Pin

 Dolly Coleman

Closest to the Pin

Longest Drive

Dacia Hsueh

Longest Drive

Best Dressed Team


Best Dressed Foursome

 (scroll down to view the photo gallery)

Big Thanks All Around!


A heartfelt thanks to all of our event sponsors! You made the day extra-special for us all!




Granite Solutions Groupe Johnston, Kinney and Zulaica LLP Mass Mutual Financial Group San Francisco



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Abby Conklin, Brittan Chow, Dawn Ackerman, Deb Kinney, Deb Stallings, Eleanor Palacios, Fran Herman, Jamie Leno Zimron, Kandra Rivers, Kelly Sherman, Laura Bray, Lise Rubarth, Lori Bilella, Marie Trexler, Pam Hones


Anne Dorman, Brandon Miller, Carol Whichard, Dana Copeland, Dennis Nix, Eleanor Palacios, Emily Libby, Jim Rosenau, Jennifer Crowell, Grace Liang, Joanne Jordan, Kavena Hambira, Kim Smith, Maya Philipson, Nikole Pagan, Olga Talamante, Rachel J. Robasciotti, Sandy Jack


San Francisco Cheer for energizing us and sending us to the course in style!

Beth Nelsen and Ewan Duarte for capturing photo memories throughout the day.

LPGA Pro Jamie Leno Zimron (The Golf Sensei) for leading a pre-tee warm up.

DJ Airsun from Love in the Mix who kept us dancing into the night.

And thank YOU!

We hope to see everyone next year on the course and dance floor! You can save the date for June 17, 2016. We hope you are on our mailing list, but if you want to make sure you are notified when tickets go on sale and upcoming news, please fill out this contact form, and we will add you to our list.

Some of our golfers and planning committee members have requested a space to be able to connect all year round. We have created a private Facebook group and we hope you will join. Find other Bay Area golfers and stay up-to-date with LGBT Golf Fore Good news.  

You think LGBT Golf Fore Good is fun?

Layout 1Don’t wait another year to connect! Grab your foursome and join us for our 35th Anniversary Gala Dinner & Casino Party on October 3, 2015 at the historic Fairmont San Francisco. It is THE Horizons’ event of the year, and you don’t want to miss it. learn more »



Photos from Golf Fore Good 2015!

Photos by Beth Nelsen and Ewan Duarte.

Pride Message 2015

Seem a bit familiar? Here we are, once more waiting for the Supreme Court. It’s become almost something of a Pride month tradition, a bit like parades and rainbow flags and motorcycles roaring up San Francisco’s Market Street.

Yes, we’ve been here before . . .

But unlike pride parades and rainbow flags, this tradition hasn’t always played out happily. Twenty-nine years ago, in June of 1986, we found ourselves at this place, reading tea leaves, weighing odds, and then seeing that wait end in the nightmare decision that wasBowers v. Hardwick – coldly announced the day after Pride.

A decade later, we came back in the Romer case to argue against Colorado’s dreadful Amendment 2. And this time, after seven months of uneasy waiting, we won (6-3 no less!). Then only 17 years after the hated Bowers – an eternity in denying human rights, but a judicial nanosecond – we waited again, dissecting the oral arguments, speculating and analyzing and daring to hope for what, just in time for Pride, actually came to pass: the monumental victory in Lawrence v. Texas and the end of anti-sodomy laws in the United States. 

And we can all remember two years ago, waiting for what came down, to our joy, when Windsor gutted the Defense of Marriage Act. Now, today, within days, we’ll know the outcome of Obergefell v. Hodges, and whether we will – at long last – have the right to marry from coast to coast.

Of course, we’ve never just waited – for anything

It doesn’t really do us justice to say that we waited. Yes, we waited, often anxiously, in the weeks and days and hours before these rulings. But the LGBT movement has never called a time out to sit patiently until someone else hands us our rights. We’ve fought for them. For more than half a century. Thousands of protests and marches, thousands of lawsuits, thousands of lobby visits, thousands of acts of courage and resistance and defiance, acts both large and small, have paved the way for every single last step forward.

After all, the first Pride marches marked perhaps the quintessential moment when LGBT people rose up to claim our full rights as citizens and our full dignity as human beings – the Stonewall Riots.

The real meaning of Pride

The joy of Pride – the pride of Pride – of course isn’t really about whether the Supreme Court rules in our favor. It’s not really about what anybody else has to say or how they feel toward us. The Court’s decisions matter immensely. But they don’t determine Pride.

We determine what Pride is, what Pride means. Pride lives in our families, our communities, the arts and cultures we’ve created. Pride lives in our history, in the record of dumbfounding challenges and stupefying odds that we’ve come so far toward overcoming. Pride lives in all the dizzying, dazzling ways that we march in Pride parades; all the ways that we love; all the ways that we fly our own rainbow flags.

Pride is ultimately what we make it – always has been and always will be. Horizons is so proud to be part of this movement and of this Bay Area community. Thank you for being part of it and living proud this Pride day – and every day.

May this be a most wonderful Pride for you and our whole community.

With pride, affection, and respect,



Roger Doughty, Executive Director

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new, online Directory of Professional Advisors for the LGBT Community, and invite you to be part of this dynamic, online tool to help LGBT people connect to the professionals that will help them maximize their wealth, plan for the future, and protect their families.

Your free online listing includes your name, title, firm, and basic contact information in the searchable online directory. Follow the directions below to create your free listing.

Your paid profile ($149 Inaugural Rate!) includes full contact information with your photo and a link to a full profile page that includes customizable text, links to your social media pages, embedded photos or video, a social media feed, and, if applicable, the Horizons’ Professional Advisors Circle badge that indicates your demonstrated leadership in the LGBT community.*

Purchase your paid profile here! Follow the directions below to create your paid profile.

To Create Your Free or Paid Listing in the Directory: 

  1. Register at (Do this by clicking Register at the top right corner on the website)
  2. Activate your account (follow the instructions).
  3. Log-in with your email and password and welcome to your Dashboard! 
  4. On your dashboard, click “Edit my free listing»”
  5. On your dashboard, click “Edit my paid profile»” (please note that you must complete BOTH the free listing and the paid profile for all information to be visible in the directory)

You are able to log in and make edits to your listing and profile as needed (Once you have created an account you will click “Log in” at the top of We are happy to help! You can contact Kandra Rivers at or 415.398.2333 x112 if you need any help with your listing or profile. 

Since 2004, Horizons Foundation has produced a directory listing attorneys, financial advisors, accountants, and others who offer services that integrate the philanthropic needs of LGBT clients. The directory was created in response to numerous requests from donors looking for professional advice that considers the particular legal, economic, and social needs of the LGBT community. We hold the same goals for the new online directory, and look forward to launching it on this new platform that allows for responsiveness, interaction, increased engagement, and analytics to evaluate reach in the LGBT community.  

The online directory will be launching soon! 

This is your invitation to be the first to join the online directory, and to create your listing prior to the announcement to our community. Creating a listing or profile is quick and easy.

* Advisors who have a paid profile are eligible to qualify for Horizons’ Professional Advisors Circle badge that symbolizes their leadership in the LGBT community. During the sign-up process, advisors will have the opportunity to apply for the badge based on the following criteria (must meet at least two):

  • pac-badgeYou are a current Leadership Circle member of Horizons Foundation (annual gift of $1,000+)
  • You give $1000 or more to other organizations that serve the LGBT community 
  • You currently serve on the board of directors or a volunteer committee of an LGBT organization              
  • You have referred a client(s) to Horizons Foundation for a planned gift or a lifetime gift within the past three years