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Helping Ourselves: A BAR Op-Ed

Advocates like Horizons Foundation and the national Funders for LGBTQ Issues have long called for more private foundations to fund LGBT causes.

Not just another meeting

Advocates like the national Funders for LGBTQ Issues and Horizons itself have been working to coax more funding for our community from private foundations for many years.

A Magnificent Evening

Horizons held its annual gala at the grand Fairmont Hotel here in San Francisco.

An extraordinary ally

Just a couple of days ago, I learned that former President Clinton will be presenting his “Clinton Global Citizen Awards” this evening, September 24.

Signs of the Times

Later today, Horizons Foundation’s board of directors will be presented with a slate of recommendations – made largely by a panel of community members – for what we call “Community

Harvey Was Right

Perhaps more famously than anybody, it was Harvey Milk who exhorted LGBT people to come out. It was, he declared, the only way “to break down the myths, destroy the

LGBT Mapping

Even for those of us for whom LGBT work is our day-job, sometimes it’s difficult to keep clear what’s happening in this movement

From the Land of Everest

344 Khursanitar Road, you see, is home to the Blue Diamond Society (“BDS”), a remarkable advocacy organization that’s driven stunning achievements in LGBT rights.