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2012 Golf Fore Good Tournament

Our 3rd Annual LGBT Golf Fore Good tournament is a women’s tournament and fundraiser for the LGBT community. This year was another great success! Check out some of the images from the

President Obama Makes History!

Earlier today, President Barack Obama told ABC news that he believes every American is entitled to the right to marry — and he credited the loving and committed gay couples

Too Many LGBT Nonprofits?

It’s both sad – and a sure sign of the times. For years, Tenderloin Health took care of thousands of the Bay Area’s most marginalized and needy people with HIV.

Poverty Is An LGBT Issue

We all know the stereotype. The rich gays living privileged lives with mounds of disposable income. There we are, lining up to go into the latest hip club or into

Marriage Marches On

Something’s definitely happening out there. The march of marriage equality seems to have gone into hyper-drive. Marriage laws enacted in Washington and Maryland. Another court knocked down a key part

A Day To Remember

History – our history – took a giant step forward a couple of hours ago. As you’ve likely heard by now, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit

When Will They Be Over?

Maybe now, after Florida’s been counted, they’ll stop. I mean, of course, the Republican primary debates. They seem to take place nearly every night, with their dwindling cast of hopefuls,

The View from Horizons

We all know that the world is fairly bursting with blogs, and has been for a while. So why is Horizons Foundation starting one now? Several reasons. First, it offers

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Elvia & Bayan

A romance started on the dance floor, and a legacy that reflects their shared passion and community. 

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