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2015 LGBT Golf Fore Good Teed Up for Success!

Thank you so much to the many supporters of Horizons Foundation's 6th Annual LGBT Golf Fore Good Women's Tournament and Tee Dance!


A Great, Great Day

Marriage was won today in the courts. But we all know that it was really won by the actions and gifts, the courage and sacrifices, of millions of people.


Waiting for the Court – But Not for History

Here we are, once more waiting for the Supreme Court. It’s become almost something of a Pride month tradition, a bit like parades and rainbow flags and motorcycles roaring up


New! Online Directory of Professional Advisors

We are pleased to announce the launch of our online Directory of Professional Advisors for the LGBTQ Community, and invite you to be part of this dynamic, online tool to


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Elvia & Bayan

A romance started on the dance floor, and a legacy that reflects their shared passion and community. 

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