Resilience is Resisting

Horizons partnership with Transgender Law Center is helping asylum seekers and other immigrants out of detention. TLC’s Executive Director Kris Hayashi reflects on the unique partnership.

“The reality for the transgender movement is that we’ve experienced this incredible increase in visibility these past five years – on TV, magazine covers, in the media,  – and while this visibility is critical, it doesn’t equal safety – visibility doesn’t equal justice. Because the reality is that – especially for transgender people of color –our community is struggling to survive on a daily basis. “We are in this moment under this new administration, where the Trump administration is doing everything they can to roll back whatever rights we have, and to do whatever they can to deny our very humanity, to deny our very existence as people.”

“This is been a moment where we have been very clear that our community’s resilience is resistance.  So this is a moment where we are doing whatever we can to keep transgender people alive.”

“Transgender people in detention here in the U.S. just face horrific violence, sexual assault, abuse, Transgender immigrants make up one in 500 detainees but make up 1 in 5 reported cases of sexual assault.  They’re often denied medical care, clothing that matches their gender.”

“We’ve been really clear about the way transgender people are particularly vulnerable and under attack right now and Horizons Foundation also understood and saw the need that trans immigrants are facing, that LGBT immigrants are needing this moment. So Horizons decided to take ownership and to take action to do what they could to make sure transgender immigrants are safe in this moment of increased attack.  So we are working with Horizons, is a long-time partner of the Transgender Law Center – they granted money to TLC to cover bonds to get transgender immigrants out of detention.”

“I actually can’t think of another foundation or donor whose done this, who said we see the attacks that are happening and we are going to put money and resources to do what we can to keep transgender immigrants, lgbt immigrants safe in this moment.”

“The fact that Horizons did this is huge – it’s huge for the lives of the transgender immigrants that will be released – and it sends a message that Horizons, as a funder, is going to put resources, is putting money to support transgender immigrants in this specific way – that’s the type of action – the type of leadership that we need in this moment.”

Helping LGBTQ Youth Thrive

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The Bridge That Calls Us Together

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