Fund for Advocacy and Political Initiatives Grants

Horizons’ Fund for Advocacy and Political Initiatives supports advocacy efforts to secure the rights and freedoms of LGBT people. 2010 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005 | 2004


Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon – $3,000


Equality California – $42,000
For lobbying for government funding to support LGBT health and human services and for creating communications about legislation


Basic Rights Oregon – $20,000
For leadership development and strategic planning for the upcoming legislative session
Equality California – $15,000
For testing the nonpartisan “Stay at Home” voting project
Equality California Institute – $20,000
For Let California Ring, a multimedia campaign to overcome cultural and emotional conflicts around marriage for same-sex couples


Basic Rights Oregon – $10,000
For BRO’s work as an LGBT advocacy organization
Equality California Institute – $70,000
For EQCA’s vote-by-mail permanent absentee drive within the LGBT community in California


American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Gay and Lesbian Rights Project – $5,000
For the Gay and Lesbian Rights Project’s marriage equality work, as part of their role as a national voice and courtroom advocate for LGBT rights
Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry – $5,000
For the Racial/Ethnic Religious Roundtable Projects, as part of CLGS’s work as an advocate, convener, and educator around LGBT issues in the religious world
Equality California – $7,500
For EQCA’s statewide organizing, legislative, and public education work for marriage equality
Eyebite Productions – $5,000
For a series of educational workshops in Bay Area Latino communities of faith to increase understanding and support for LGBT people, relationships, and marriage equality
Gay Asian Pacific Alliance – $5,000
For organizing and public education around marriage equality in API communities, as part of GAPA’s efforts to support GBT Asian/Pacific Islander men.
National Center for Lesbian Right – $7,500
For legal and educational work on marriage equality, as part of NCLR’s efforts to achieve full civil and human rights for LGBT people
No on Constitutional Amendment 36/Basic Rights Oregon – $10,000
For the campaign to defeat a state constitutional amendment to forbid same-sex marriage, as part of BRO’s work as an LGBT advocacy organization in Oregon

Somos Familia

“We found that there were really no resources for Latino families dealing with these issues, and so we formed Somos Familia.” Laurin Mayeno

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Resilience is Resistance

Horizons partnership with Transgender Law Center is helping asylum seekers and other immigrants out of detention. TLC’s Executive Director Kris Hayashi reflects on the unique partnership.

“The reality for the transgender movement is that we’ve experienced this incredible increase in visibility these past five years…”  Read more.