Current Community Issues Grantee Partners

AIDS Project of the East Bay – Project​​ support to design and implement individual and corporate giving strategies to diversify funding streams and increase organizational sustainability.

Adolescent Counseling Services – Project support for Outlet to provide direct support, training, and leadership development to 500+ LGBTQ youth and straight allies, to have a deep community impact – transforming individual lives, as well as their environments and institutions. Services will include support groups, Spanish-language services, counseling, online support, community building, and sensitivity training.

API Equality Northern California – General-operating support to build LGBTQ leadership and power to amplify voices and increase visibility of API LGBTQ communities in the SF Bay Area.

Bay Area American Indian Two-Spirits (BAAITS) – General-operating support for programs that restore and recover the role of Two-Spirit people within the American Indian/First Nations community by creating forums for spiritual, cultural, and artistic expression of Two-Spirit people.

Bay Area Old Lesbians Organizing for Change (OLOC) – General operating support to empower lesbians 60 and over through consciousness raising, social support, community building, and political action. OLOC works to challenge both internalized and community ageism while building community.

Berkeley Community Health Project/Berkeley Free Clinic – Project support for programs that support the sexual/reproductive health for lesbian, bisexual, and transgender women.

Child Advocates of Silicon Valley – Project support for the recruitment, training, and support of Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs) who are specially trained to support LGBTQ foster youth in Santa Clara County.

Colectivo Acción Latina de Ambiente – General-operating support for performance arts and community programs to provide a space for the freedom of expression, individual growth, and community building for Spanish-speaking Latinx LGBTQ people in the South Bay.

Creative Labor: Queer Visual Artists’ Working Group – General-operating support for exhibitions, workshops, and programs to promote social justice, cultural equity, and economic sustainability for Queer Bay Area visual artists.

Curry Senior Center – Project support to dedicate time and resources to technology education programs specific to LGBTQ elders and older adults with disabilities in San Francisco's Tenderloin.

East Bay Sanctuary Covenant – Project support for the LGBT Asylum Program, to provide comprehensive legal and psychological support to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender asylum seekers from over 60 countries.

El/La Para TransLatinas – General-operating support for the development of health, well-being, and dignity of transgender Latinas through creation of a safe space and provision of direct services, referrals, social activities, and community-based advocacy efforts in San Francisco.

Health Initiatives for Youth – Project support for the Leadership in Diversity Program and West Oakland Safe Space to provide support, community, and leadership development opportunities for LGBTQ youth in Oakland in middle school and high school, filling a significant gap in resources particularly for low-income LGBTQ youth of color. 

HOMOBILES – Project support for the LGBTQ car-share service to serve trans people getting to and from doctor’s appointments – primarily surgical procedures pertaining to their transitions – while providing the physical and emotional safety unavailable to those members of the community who need it most but are least able to afford it.

In Lak’ech Dance Academy  – General-operating support for the Queer Latin Dance Festival and programs that co-create a community of queer and trans dancers to celebrate resilience, nurture collective strength, and heal from oppression by redefining the Latin dance community as a safe and affirming space for all gender identities and sexualities.

Lavender Seniors of the East Bay – General-operating support for programs to improve the quality of life of LGBTQ seniors in the East Bay  through community-building, education, and advocacy to keep older LGBTQ individuals connected to their communities and thriving in place.

The LGBT Asylum Project  – General-operating support to provide pro bono legal representation for LGBTQ immigrants who are fleeing persecution and seeking asylum in the United States.

LGBTQ Connection (On the Move) – Project support to expand existing services for LGBTQ youth in Napa and Sonoma counties to include culturally-specific support for LGBTQ Latino youth who are struggling to overcome aloneness and cultural stigma.

LGBTQ Youth Space (Caminar) – Project support for LGBTQ Youth Space to continue as a hub of queer youth arts in the South Bay by offering free performance arts workshops, educating youth in LGBTQ history and culture, encouraging arts for self-exploration, and providing venues for youth to perform. 

LYRIC  – Project support for LYRIC’s Grassroots Social Justice Fundraising Initiative, with the goal of increasing youth leadership capacity to raise funds through individual giving by deepening donor stewardship activities with board, staff, and youth.

National Center for Lesbian Rights – Project support for NCLR’s Mid-Level Major Donor Upgrade Project, utilizing a mix of group and individual strategies to increase their annual giving and secure one-time special gifts.

Oasis Legal Services  – General-operating support for programs to provide quality legal immigration services to under-represented low-income groups from the LGBTQIA+ community.

Our Family Coalition – Project​​ support for the Our Family Champions Program, to engage a new, diversified cohort of individual donors to become a strong network of ambassadors.

Our Space (Sunny Hills Services)  – Project support for the Our Space program to support LGBTQ youth in the East Bay affected by poverty, homelessness, and the child welfare and juvenile justice systems. 

Peacock Rebellion – General-operating support for performance arts programs that promote social justice and that help heal LGBTQ communities of color from decades of social marginalization, isolation, and oppression.

Queer Cultural Center – General-operating support to promote social justice and the artistic and financial evolution of queer art and culture in order to build community through the arts.

Rainbow Community Center of Contra Costa County – Project support to build organizational fundraising capacity in order to develop and implement a planned-giving strategy to secure future legacy gifts.

Rainbow Women’s Chorus – General-operating support for Rainbow Women Chorus to develop musical excellence in an atmosphere of mutual support and respect, and perform for the entertainment, education and cultural enrichment of audiences and community.

RYSE Center – Project support to provide an explicitly safe LGBTQQ space in the Richmond area where members who identify as LGBTQQ can dialogue about their stories/experiences, explore their identity, attain new knowledge and skills, engage in political advocacy, inform allies about issues, and receive academic/career assistance. 

San Francisco LGBT Community Center – Project support for completion of five-year development plan to increase individual giving by deepening donor stewardship activities.

San Francisco Trans March  – General-operating support to inspire all trans and gender non-conforming people to realize a world where they are safe, loved, and empowered by creating a space to unite and achieve social justice and equality.

San Francisco Transgender Film Festival – General-operating support for the world’s first and longest-running transgender film festival that provides opportunities for trans artists and communities, supports emerging and established trans filmmakers, fights transphobic representation and under-representation of trans people in film, and works for justice in media arts.

Silicon Valley Gay Men’s Chorus – General-operating support to produce concerts, make community appearances, and inspire the community through musical excellence and collective pride.

The Singing Bois – General-operating support for the Oakland-based quartet that celebrates the intersectionality of gender, race, and sexual orientation by creating space and opportunity for gender non-conforming and POC musicians.

The Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence, Inc. – General-operating support of a leading-edge Order of queer nuns devoted to community service, ministry, and outreach to those on the edges, and to promoting human rights, respect for diversity, and spiritual enlightenment.

Somos Familia – General-operating support to continue building intergenerational leadership to create environments where Latina/o/x LGBTQ youth and their families are supported, nurtured, and celebrated so that they can be healthy and happy.

The Spahr Center – General-operating support for LGBTQ senior programming in Marin County, with a specific focus area on leadership-building, health, and well-being of women. 

St. James Infirmary – General-operating support for STRIDE and Women’s Health Services to provide free, compassionate and nonjudgmental healthcare and social services for sex workers (current or former) of all genders and sexual orientations while preventing occupational illnesses and injuries through a comprehensive continuum of services.

StarVista – Pride Center – Project support for the Pride Center’s mission to increase access to mental health services and community support for LGBTQ people on the Peninsula through connections to resources, advocacy, and social activities.

The Sundance Association For Country-Western Dancing – General-operating support for programming that provides education in and programs for country-western dancing for the LGBTQ community that fosters individual growth and passion, encourages volunteerism and philanthropic giving, and strives to create an inclusive and welcoming community.

Topsy Turvy Queer Circus  – General-operating support to create multidisciplinary circus arts productions featuring queer artists of color that narrate queer stories and challenge and subvert traditional stereotypes of beauty, race, gender, sexuality, and power.

Turnout – General-operating support to amplify the impact of organizations that support LGBTQ communities through the power of volunteerism.

“The Whistle” (StormMiguel Florez Documentary Project) – Project support for the documentary film “The Whistle” that tells the story of a secret code shared among young dykes in 1970/80s Albuquerque, New Mexico as a means of self-identification and finding community.

Women’s Cancer Resource Center – Project support for Extending Equity in Cancer Support to the LBTQIA Community to increase cancer support services to LBTQIA women with cancer.

Young Women’s Freedom Center – Project support for Queer on the Inside, a program that supports incarcerated young cis and trans women and gender non-conforming people, provides training on issues impacting them to justice-related institutions and organizations, and works to reframe the narrative around these issues.