Resilience and Rebuilding: The Bay Area LGBTQ Future After COVID

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Our panelists, from left to right: Kiku Johnson, Aria Sa'id, Olga Talamante (moderator), and Lance Toma.

Horizons was honored to host Resilience and Rebuilding: The Bay Area LGBTQ Future After COVID last week, a panel discussion bringing together major nonprofit leaders from across the Bay Area. It was an important evening to be in community with each other, and we greatly valued the time to address concerns, answer questions, and reconnect. 

We're now pleased to share a recording of the event, enabling us all to continue benefiting from our panelists' expertise.

Experience the Event

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A special thank you to our outstanding panelists and moderator — Kiku Johnson, Aria Sa'id, Lance Toma, and Olga Talamante — for answering tough questions and providing insight into the road ahead. We left feeling more hopeful than ever and better equipped to face the massive undertaking of rebuilding our Bay Area LGBTQ community.

With the support of Horizons' emergency COVID-relief grants, grassroots nonprofits such as the ones our panelists helm have worked tirelessly this year to provide much-needed aid to the most vulnerable members of our community. Yet as this event underscored, there remains much work to be done.

In response to the ongoing devastation of COVID-19, Horizons is launching the LGBTQ Resilience and Recovery Fund, a second round of emergency grants for Bay Area LGBTQ nonprofits.

More targeted than our first round, every dollar donated to this fund will support high-impact nonprofits serving the most vulnerable in our Bay Area LGBTQ community, including transgender people, refugees and undocumented people, elders, communities of colors, and youth.

This event was a timely reminder of how crucial it is to support one another as we look towards the future, and we at Horizons are proud to continue supporting our community during this exceptionally challenging period. Will you join us?