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“When you are doing work that is cutting edge, you have to have visionary support.”B. Cole, Executive Director, Brown Boi Project We are so excited to highlight three of our


Welcoming recently elected board members

Horizons board of directors has welcomed three new board members in 2014, Erin Flynn, Terry Micheau, and Rachel J. Robasciotti. “We’re thrilled that these superb individuals have joined the board,”


Why we still give

Yes, that was none other than Maggie Gallagher herself – the take-no-prisoners founder of the National Organization for Marriage – quoted last week as admitting that her side had lost


Sochi – And Far Beyond

It’s almost impossible not to be moved by the artistry and images of the Olympic Games – not to mention skating commentator Johnny Weir’s outfits – but this time around,


Creating Change: then and now

They say that everything’s big in Texas, and that was certainly true for the annual Creating Change conference in Houston last week. Sponsored by the National Gay & Lesbian Task


In honor and in sorrow

The televisions, computer screens, and radio waves are and will be filled with the news of Nelson Mandela’s death. As well they should be. Perhaps no other figure, anywhere in


2013 Grantees

2013 Grantees ORGANIZATION GRANT AMOUNT PURPOSE COMMUNITY ISSUES GRANTS Advocates for Informed Choice $5,000 General Operating Support for grassroots organizing and the use of legal strategies to address the human


A dream, a movement, and a hero

This Wednesday, August 28, marks a momentous anniversary, 50 years since hundreds of thousands of people poured into Washington, D.C. for the March on Washington, the “march of marches” in


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Elvia & Bayan

A romance started on the dance floor, and a legacy that reflects their shared passion and community. 

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