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Horizons Foundation's history has rarely been about the spotlight - for the most part our work has taken place behind the scenes. While Horizons has had its share of splashy achievements and marquee successes, what's remarkable has been our willingness to take on the responsibility of supporting a broad vision for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community. This often translates into funding the "unglamorous" aspects of what LGBT nonprofits do day in and day out.

For 30 years, we've funded newsletter printing, walkie/talkie rentals for event safety monitors, furniture for queer youth group meetings, training manuals for parade volunteers, and postage and photocopying costs for membership mailings. We've funded ASL interpreters and outreach materials for advocacy campaigns large and small. We've funded rents and payrolls. We've done it because we know that it takes phones to make healthcare appointments, pens to write innovative poetry, and power to shine light on injustice. Without the basics, even the most efficient nonprofit can't survive.

Each of Horizons' volunteers and donors has contributed to strengthening the foundation, the hundreds of LGBT organizations we've supported, and the thousands of lives we've touched. The earliest goals of the foundation - to build a strong LGBT community through grantmaking and philanthropy rooted in the community - remain living parts of Horizons' work to this day.

Our story is a quiet but insistent accumulation of caring people making thoughtful decisions that lead to extraordinary results.

Read more about Horizons' history and achievements during our first 25 years (an excerpt from our 2004 Annual Report)...