Vision, Mission, and Values


Horizons envisions a world where all LGBTQ people live freely and fully.


The world’s first community foundation of, by, and for LGBTQ people, Horizons invests in LGBTQ nonprofits, strengthens a culture of LGBTQ giving, and builds a permanent endowment to secure our community’s future for generations to come.



We believe that justice for LGBTQ people is inextricably tied to a larger movement for social justice for all marginalized communities. We are fiercely dedicated to securing equality, dignity, and justice in the daily lives of all LGBTQ people, especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged.


We are committed to respecting and celebrating the rich diversity of our community and to creating a fully inclusive LGBTQ community. We take pride in the histories, cultures, and achievements of LGBTQ people in the San Francisco Bay Area and across the nation and the world. 


We look to the LGBTQ community as a key source of leadership and insight, and we invest in the power of people, organizations, and movements to advocate for themselves.


We value innovative responses to community needs and are willing to take risks in cutting‐edge organizations, ideas, and actions.


We believe that generosity and giving are essential to a strong, vibrant, and enduring community, and we promote and honor gifts of all sizes to LGBTQ organizations and causes.


We are unwaveringly committed to building a strong movement and community for future generations by growing the resources for the LGBTQ community for both now and forever.