The Biggest Anchor of All

As 2023 draws toward a close, I find myself thinking about anchors. read more »

Securing Our LGBTQ Community – Forever

Join the many others who have already secured their planned gift. Create read more »
Protestors hold of signs such as "Stop killing my trans siblings" and "LGB with the T"

Pride With a Capital “P”

A couple of weeks ago, I came up from BART in downtown read more »

Why Give OUT Day Is Critical This Year

This year, with over 500 anti-LGBTQ bills proposed in state legislatures, Give read more »

Over $549,000 Awarded to Grassroots LGBTQ Nonprofits in SF Bay Area

Our latest 42 grantee partners are receiving over $549,000 for their innovative read more »
A line of six-striped rainbow flags blowing in the wind

Horizons and the Respect for Marriage Act

Today, President Biden signed into law the Respect for Marriage Act. read more »

Mourning the Shooting at Club Q

We at Horizons are devastated by the continued crimes of hate toward read more »