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LGBT Community Endowment Fund
Horizons Foundation Legacy Stories

It is our honor to share some of the stories of Horizons Foundation's legacy donors. Horizons has helped generous individuals support the LGBT community in ways that reflect their personal values and commitments. Whether that means making an unrestricted gift to the LGBT Community Endowment Fund, establishing a permanently named fund within the Endowment, or dedicating part of a gift to a particular organization or issue, Horizons is committed to respecting your wishes and helping you create a meaningful legacy - both for you and our community. In addition to leaving money for your friends, family, and community and there is sharing the gift of your story. The following stories are intended as an additional way to honor donor legacies and as a resource for anyone looking for inspiration:

John Darby & Jack Bird John Darby and Jack Bird, The Fairy Godfathers Fund
The Fairy Godfathers for LGBT Disability Issues Fund was started in 2005 by Claudio Schnier in honor of Jack E. Bird and John L. Darby. Claudio's mother - who had been friends with the couple for many years through their work for people who are hearing-impaired - had suggested that Claudio talk with John about working in nonprofit management. He soon became close friends with them, and they became Claudio's "fairy godfathers." Read more...
Jack Hambly Jack Hambly
"Jack Hambly was a quiet, unassuming, lovely man," said Roger Gross, his friend and attorney. "He was a genuinely nice person." Hambly, who died from pancreatic cancer in 2004, is remembered for his warm heart, his love of world travel and cooking, and his generosity. That generosity has continued even after his death with a legacy gift to Horizons, which had long benefited from his philanthropy during his lifetime. Read more...
Joie Hubbert Joie B. Hubbert and Mary C. Greer Testamentary Donor-Advised Fund
Joie Hubbert and Mary Greer were a committed couple for over 37 years, and as a way to honor their relationship and long-time commitment to the community, Ms. Hubbert chose, through her estate planning, to provide funds to various organizations in whose work and mission she believed deeply. Read more...
Arthur Lazere Arthur Lazere, Horizons Foundation co-founder
Arthur Lazere, one of Horizons Foundation's co-founders, passed away in 2006, but his legacy lives on - both in the historical significance of the foundation's work, the many people whose lives he touched, and in a generous bequest he left to help ensure Horizons' future. Read more...
Constance and Mitchell Sanders Fund Constance and Mitchell Sanders Fund
Constance and Mitchell Sanders were both very committed to San Francisco. Through a bequest to Horizons Foundation, they continue to care for their adopted city even after their deaths. They lived very simply and modestly, and were able to amass a significant estate. They didn't have children of their own, but they saw many troubled youth - most of them gay - migrate to the Polk Street neighborhood where they lived for 50 years. Read more...
Dr. David M. Shupp, MD Dr. David M. Shupp, MD, Endowed Fund
A key figure in the history of the Bay Area's mental-health movement and a long-time supporter of Horizons, Dr. David Shupp dedicated his life to helping people. David named the foundation as the primary beneficiary of his estate - which totaled approximately $2.5 million - because he understood Horizons' role and impact in the community, now and into the future. Read more...

To learn more about how planned giving can make a critical difference for you, the people you love, and your community, please contact Deb Stallings, Director of Development and Gift Planning, at 415.398.2333 x103 or