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Community Issues

2013 Community Issues Grant Request for Proposals (RFP): PDF | Word

Thank you for your interest in Horizons' 2013 Community Issues grants process. The information below is intended to provide an overview of the process and how to go about applying for a grant. Most of it is excerpted from the RFP itself, so you'll find much of the same information in the RFP.

Application Process
All applications are reviewed by Horizons' program staff and then by a diverse community panel. The panel makes recommendations to Horizons Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Please complete all required materials. You can download the RFP (as a Word file or PDF) by clicking the links above. Please do not send a cover letter, letters of reference, or any attachments not specifically requested in this RFP. Our goal is to minimize the pressure on applicants to produce voluminous proposals.

All proposals, along with all required attachments, must be completed, signed, and postmarked by the postmark deadline of August 2, 2013. (You may also deliver your completed proposal to Horizons' office by 5:00 p.m. that same day.) In the interest of fairness, we regret that proposals dated after the postmark deadline or sent by fax at any time cannot be considered.

How to Apply Workshops
Horizons will hold two "How to Apply" workshops, which will give you an opportunity to walk through the proposal preparation and granting process and ask any questions you have:

Tuesday, July 9, 6:00 to 7:30 p.m.
Horizons Foundation
550 Montgomery Street, Suite 700
San Francisco (at Clay)

Wednesday, July 10, 6:00 to 7:30 p.m.
Horizons Foundation
550 Montgomery Street, Suite 700
San Francisco (at Clay)

Please RSVP to npagan [at]horizonsfoundation[dot]org or 415.398.2333 x100 if you plan to attend.

If you are unable to attend either of these workshops and have questions about this year's grant process or your organization's proposal, please feel free to contact Nikole Pagan at npagan [at]horizonsfoundation[dot]org or 415.398.2333 x100.

Please note that an organization may submit only one proposal for a Community Issues grant. To be eligible for a 2013 Community Issues grant, your organization must:

Please note that the following are not eligible for support:

The maximum grant award is $10,000. The one exception to this maximum is for grants to increase individual giving, which have a maximum award of $20,000. (As noted below, such "increasing individual giving" grants are available to LGBT organizations with budgets over $1 million only.) Please note that grant proposals from LGBT organizations with budgets over $1 million will be considered separately from other proposals.

Funding Priorities
To help target our funding and achieve greater impact for the LGBT community, Horizons Foundation has established funding priorities. The priority areas that we are focusing on in 2013 are shown below. (Two additional priorities – leadership development and LGBT elders – are being supported through different programs.)

PLEASE NOTE: LGBT-primary organizations with budgets over $1 million may apply only for projects designed to enhance their fundraising with individual donors. These grants are generally renewable for a second year, and will range from $15,000 to $20,000 per year. This focus is intended to help larger LGBT-primary organizations have even greater impact from a Horizons grant by using those funds to build their own individual fundraising capacities. (No other kind or size of organization may apply in this "increasing giving" category.)

Priority Area Description
For organizations with budgets <$1 million and non-LGBT-primary organizations with budgets >$1 million
Creating policy, advocacy, and systems change Organized efforts to effect change in government or private institutions and to educate leaders and others about LGBT issues.
Securing equality for LGBT people Strategic work to serve and protect the civil and human rights of LGBT people within legal systems and institutions.
Supporting the equality, health, and empowerment of lesbian, bisexual, and transgender women Organizations or projects that address health disparities and/or provide programs to engage and empower LBT women in society.
Achieving racial equity and full participation of people of color in the LGBT community Organizations or projects that are based in, and focused on, the issues and needs of LGBT people of color, and/or that address the legacy of racial inequity, and/or that create bridges between people of color communities and non-people of color LGBT communities.
For LGBT-primary organizations with budgets >1 million
Increasing giving to LGBT organizations Support for larger LGBT organizations to increase their own capacities to raise funds. Projects focusing on individual giving will be given higher priority.

Your organization may already focus on one of these areas, or even a combination of them (for example, an organization focused on women of color). However, where indicated on the application, we ask that you designate no more than TWO priority areas. Please also note that while the majority of grants will be made to organizations working to further the above priorities, other LGBT organizations and LGBT projects will be considered for funding as well.

Please note also that general operating support is still our preferred method of supporting LGBT-primary organizations. It is not necessary to design a new project – or even designate an existing one – to address the priorities. Rather, we will be looking at the connection between your organization's overall mission and one or more of the priorities. If you have difficulty identifying which priority you should apply under, please contact Horizons staff.

Special note to arts organizations: Most arts organizations/projects will often fall under the more general priority "Securing equality for LGBT people." 2013 Community Issues grants will include support for arts and culture. If you have a concern please call the office.

Additional Funding Considerations

Two-Year Support
In a very limited number of cases, the panel reviewing proposals may recommend that an organization receive a grant for two years. Organizations that receive two-year grants would not have to reapply the following year. Two-year funding is at the discretion of the review panel and does not require any additional information from applicants.

For any questions, please contact Nikole Pagan, Administrative Manager, at 415.398.2333 x100 or npagan [at] horizonsfoundation [dot] org.