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Donor-Advised Fund Grantees - Organization Summary

Congratulations on your donor-advised grant from Horizons Foundation!
Please take a moment to fill out this brief online form about your organization. The information you provide helps Horizons ensure the ongoing effectiveness our grantmaking.

Please remember to complete the nondiscrimination form and mail it Attn: Grant Coordinator with a copy of your IRS 501(c)(3) determination letter.

Download nondiscrimination form: Word

Organization Name:
City:   State:   Zip:
Phone:   Fax:
EIN Number:
Executive Director:   E-mail:
Grant/Program Officer:   E-mail:
Development Officer:   E-mail:
1st Year of Service:   # of People Organization Serves Yearly:
Mission Statement:
Primary Type of Organization
LGBT Organization
People of Color Organization
HIV Organization
Primary Issue Area
Art and Culture
Awareness and Civil Rights
Children, Youth, and Families
Community Building
Human Services and Health
Social Services
Population Targeted
Please fill out the following percentages to the best of your ability.
Sexual Orientation (Percentage)
% Gay
% Lesbian
% Bisexual
% Heterosexual
% Other:
Gender Identity (Percentage)
% Male
% Female
% Transgender
% Intersex
% Other:
Race/Ethnicity (Percentage)
% African American/Black
% Asian/Pacific Islander
% Hispanic/Latino
% White (non-Hispanic)
% Native American
% Multi/Biracial
% Other/Undisclosed:
Ages Served
% 0-12
% 13-18
% 19-24
% 25-39
% 40-54
% 55+
Target Area - Geographic Areas Served
% Bay Area
% California (outside Bay Area)
% National
% International
Within Bay Area (if applicable)
% Alameda
% Contra Costa
% Marin
% Napa
% San Francisco
% San Mateo
% Santa Clara
% Solano
% Sonoma