Joseph Towner Fund for Gay and Lesbian Families

Relationships among LGBTQ parents and their children that successfully overcome societal pressures are strong and vibrant role models for the LGBTQ community. Access to emotional and financial support can be a crucial factor in meeting such challenges.

This philosophy was strongly advocated by former Bay Area resident Joseph Towner. As a result, with a generous gift from Mr. Towner’s estate, Horizons Foundation proudly sponsors the Joseph Towner Fund for Gay and Lesbian Families. The purpose of the fund is to award scholarships to post-secondary students who have at least one LGBTQ parent residing in one of the nine Bay Area counties. Scholarships are awarded for tuition and/or cost of books. Students who feel they have overcome challenges in their life are strongly encouraged to apply.

This scholarship honors Joseph Towner as well as another gay father, Lee Dubin. Each scholarship will support post-secondary students who have demonstrated ability and commitment to effecting change in the LGBTQ community and the community at large and who have one or more LGBTQ parent(s)/guardian(s).

Who can apply?


Scholarship applications are accepted on an invitation basis only, and unsolicited applications are not considered for funding.



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