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Nonprofit organizations serving the LGBTQ community face formidable challenges. Some of these challenges are similar to those faced by many nonprofits (such as fundraising) and others are specific to our community (such as the struggle for organizations to reach LGBTQ people in need who aren’t out). There are abundant learning resources for nonprofits and their leaders produced by countless think tanks, technical support groups, universities, and many others. Here are a few that many LGBTQ nonprofits have found helpful.

Funding resources for nonprofits

Another valuable resource is the Foundation Center, which offers a host of resources for nonprofits, including classes, articles, and a database of grants made for all purposes across the country. Look for Foundation Center resources online, or visit their San Francisco office at 312 Sutter Street, Suite 606.

The Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training | GIFT provides a wide array of fundraising resources for organizations that don’t have black-tie dinners or five- and six-figure donors. GIFT has many practical tips, excellent publications, and a strong commitment to social justice.

Horizons is proud to expand our financial support beyond grantmaking with a new way to serve your organization: the Horizons-Dorian Loan Fund. This fund offers low-interest loans ranging from $10,000 to $50,000 to help organizations that are facing special circumstances like emergencies, delays in receipt of committed grant funds, mergers, or closures. In some situations, loans may be available for retaining necessary financial expertise.  

Organizational support resources for nonprofits

Oakland-based CompassPoint is a leading provider of technical assistance for nonprofits, on topics from board development and executive director training to fundraising and financial management.

Subject area and key words for organizations and grants

Somos Familia

“We found that there were really no resources for Latino families dealing with these issues, and so we formed Somos Familia.” Laurin Mayeno

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