What We Fund

Since 1980, Horizons Foundation has awarded thousands of grants to support LGBTQ organizations, causes, leaders, and campaigns. Ranging from a few hundred dollars to more than $100,000, our grants have been made to nonprofit organizations engaged in every facet of the LGBTQ movement and the Bay Area LGBTQ community. All told, Horizons’ grantmaking tops $30 million, with annual totals over $1 million in each of the last 10 years.

Cover of Horizons’ 25th anniversary report, highlighting the many organizations that have received support since 1980.

The wide range of our grantmaking is deliberate. Though many of our granting programs target specific needs or populations in the LGBTQ community, we have chosen to funnel our overall grantmaking throughout our entire community.

Horizons Foundation is a community foundation, and our commitment is to the broad diversity of the LGBTQ movement and the Bay Area LGBTQ community. Even today, so few other foundations will fund LGBTQ nonprofits and programs that it’s vital that Horizons be able to support a wide variety of community needs.

Especially through our annual Community Issues grants process, Horizons Foundation invites ideas and proposals from LGBTQ nonprofits operating on the front lines so that we — and our donors — can benefit from their wisdom about where grants can make the most impact.

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Wide range of support

Horizons supports organizations within a wide range of types and sizes, though we’re perhaps best known for our “venture philanthropy” approach to grantmaking. Since our very first grants, we’ve often prioritized supporting smaller, emerging organizations that take on cutting-edge issues and start pioneering programs. We’re proud to have been the first grant funder of dozens of such organizations over the years, including many that have grown into prominent organizations that continue to advocate for and serve our community to this day.

Horizons is also committed to supporting larger community institutions that provide core programs and services to LGBTQ people. Our grants list reflects that long-standing commitment, with some of the Bay Area’s best known and important institutions appearing on Horizons’ grant list many times over the years.

Helping LGBTQ Youth Thrive

Horizons Grants help create safe spaces so that youth can thrive. This is the story of one young man in Napa County and how his connection to grantee partner LGBTQ Connection changed his life.

“Growing up in Napa County was very different for me. I immigrated to Napa when I was 5, originally from Mexico…”  Read more.

Resilience is Resistance

Horizons partnership with Transgender Law Center is helping asylum seekers and other immigrants out of detention. TLC’s Executive Director Kris Hayashi reflects on the unique partnership.

“The reality for the transgender movement is that we’ve experienced this incredible increase in visibility these past five years…”  Read more.