Cognitive Decline and Decision Making

Learning Session

Lesbian couple sit with their professional advisor.
When: Tuesday, May 7, 2024, from 12–1p.m.

Where: Virtual, via Zoom
Admission: Free, with registration

Join Claire Day, Chief Program Officer at the Alzheimer’s Association, and Dani Soto, Deputy Director of Openhouse, as they delve into the effects of Alzheimer’s and dementia within the LGBTQ community and its ramifications on legal and financial decision-making.

This webinar aims to shed light on recent research concerning Alzheimer’s and dementia in the LGBTQ community. Gain valuable insights into identifying signs of cognitive decline to enhance your ability to serve your clients effectively. We invite you to engage in a dynamic discussion by sharing your questions, thoughts, and personal experiences relevant to this vital topic within our community.

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Meet the Panelists

Claire Day

Alzheimer's Association

Claire Day has been on staff of the Alzheimer's Association since 2001. She is the Chief Program Officer at the Northern California and Northern Nevada Chapter and as such, oversees all care and support operations and research initiatives.

Ms. Day is a clinical social worker and received her degree from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. She has more than twenty years of experience as a family and professional educator in dementia care and has authored two forwards to Alzheimer's caregiver books.

In 2018, Ms. Day was appointed the Chapter Lead for the US Study to Protect Brain Health Through Lifestyle Interventions to Reduce Risk (US POINTER) in California in partnership with U.C. Davis. US POINTER is a two-year clinical trial to evaluate whether lifestyle interventions that simultaneously target multiple risk factors protect cognitive function in older adults at increased risk for cognitive decline.

Dr. Dani Soto


Dr. Dani Soto brings decades of dedicated experience in championing the well-being and rights of marginalized communities. They graduated Cum Laude with a B.A. in Sociology from the University of Montana, where they were a McNair Scholar. They received their Master’s and Ph.D. from Bowling Green State University in Sociology, specializing in racial/ethnic disparities and disparities based on gender, sexual orientation, and sexual identity.

After graduate school Dani spent four years as an Assistant Professor. Dani then transitioned to the non-profit sector, wanting to use their skills and expertise in a more applied way. Recognizing that true justice requires attention paid to the intersections of race/ethnicity, sexuality and sexual identity, sex and gender identity and expression, and socioeconomic status, they frequently examine and advocate in these areas.

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