LGBTQ Resilience and Recovery Fund Grantee Partners

Just as COVID-19’s impact on the LGBTQ community is not over, nor is Horizons Foundation’s commitment to ensuring that LGBTQ people – and the nonprofits that serve and advocate for them – have the resources they need. Today, there remains vast need as a result of COVID-19 – and we must be more focused, prioritizing those parts of the LGBTQ community that remain most seriously in need, and are in greatest danger of being left behind in any future recovery.  

The overall funding focus of the LGBTQ Resilience and Recovery Fund is on meeting basic human needs, including the needs for shelter, food, medicine and access to health care and ensuring that key organizations in these areas have the capacity to emerge strongly from this unprecedented time. We have included efforts to increase safety and freedom from violence for LGBTQ Asians and Pacific Islanders because of the terrible increase in violence and its clear connection to the pandemic. 




API Equality - Northern California
APIENC (API Equality - Northern California) builds LGBTQ Asian Pacific Islander (API) power to create an intersectional movement in which justice is for all marginalized people. Through organizing, we inspire and train leaders, establish intergenerational connections, and document and disseminate our histories.
Billy DeFrank LGBTQ Community Center
The Billy DeFrank LGBTQ+ Community Center provides community, leadership, advocacy, services and support to the Silicon Valley’s LGBTQ People and their Allies.
Colectivo Acción Latina de Ambiente
Our mission is to provide a space for the freedom of expression, individual growth, and community building for LGBTQ Latinx individuals.
El/La Para TransLatinas
We fight for the rights of translatinas. We work to build a world where translatinas feel they deserve to protect, love and develop themselves. By building this base, we support each other in protecting ourselves against violence, abuse and illness.
Lavender Seniors of the East Bay
Our mission is to improve the quality of life of older LGBT residents of the East Bay (Alameda and Contra Costa Counties) through community building, education, and advocacy. We strive to keep older LGBT adults connected to their communities.
LGBTQ Connection (A program of On the Move)
LGBTQ Connection exists to foster a healthy, diverse, and inclusive community, driven by emerging leaders in the rural and suburban north SF Bay Area.
Oakland LGBTQ Community Center
The Oakland LGBTQ Community Center is dedicated to enhancing and sustaining the well-being of LGBTQ individuals, our families, and allies, by providing educational, social, and health related activities, programs, and services.
Oasis Legal Services
Oasis Legal Services proudly provides quality legal immigration services to under-represented low-income groups with a focus on LGBTQIA+ communities. By acknowledging, respecting, and honoring their struggles, we empower immigrants so that dignity grows and integrity blooms.
Our mission is to ensure that every LGBTQ senior and older adult in San Francisco has secure and affordable housing, access to LGBTQ-welcoming services, and the opportunity to remain engaged in the community they helped create.
Rainbow Community Center of Contra Costa County
The Rainbow Community Center of Contra Costa County builds community among LGBTQQI+ persons and our allies though social opportunities, health and wellness services, and awareness programs.
San Francisco LGBT Community Center
Our mission is to connect our diverse community to opportunities, resources, and each other to achieve our vision of a stronger, healthier, and more equitable world for LGBTQ people and our allies.
San Mateo County Pride Center (a program of StarVista)
Our mission is to create a welcoming, safe, inclusive, and affirming community climate that fosters personal growth, health, and opportunities to thrive for individuals of all ages, sexual orientations, and gender identities through education, counseling, advocacy, and support.
Solano Pride Center
Solano Pride Center builds community and supports well-being among LGBTQ people and our allies.
Somos Familia
Somos Familia builds leadership in our Latinx families and communities to create a culture where people of diverse genders and sexual orientations can thrive. We envision a just world that embraces people of all genders and sexual orientations.
The Spahr Center
Our mission is to serve, support and empower members of our LGBTQ+ community and everyone living with and affected by HIV in Marin.
The LGBT Asylum Project
The LGBT Asylum Project is the only San Francisco nonprofit organization exclusively dedicated to providing accessible legal representation for LGBT asylum seekers who are fleeing persecution due to their sexual orientation, gender identity and/or HIV status.
The Transgender District
The mission of the Transgender District is to create an urban environment that fosters the rich history, culture, legacy, and empowerment of transgender people and its deep roots in the southeastern Tenderloin neighborhood. The transgender district aims to stabilize and economically empower the transgender community through ownership of homes, businesses, historic and cultural sites, and safe community spaces.
Transgender, Gender Variant & Intersex Justice Project
Transgender Gender-Variant & Intersex Justice Project (TGIJP) challenges and ends the human rights abuses committed against transgender, gender variant, and intersex people, particularly against transgender women of color, in California prisons, jails, detention centers, and beyond.