Create a Donor-Advised Fund

You want to make a difference in the world and create something of lasting value. A Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) is a simple and powerful way to manage all of your philanthropy in one place. Your DAF will allow you to support all the specific causes and organizations that matter to you — both within and outside of the LGBTQ community — through one consolidated account. Since your donations are consolidated into one account, you can easily track what was donated, when, and to whom. It’s easy to get started and we’re here to help guide you and advise you throughout the course of your DAF.

A Horizons Donor-Advised Fund offers you numerous charitable, financial, and personal benefits:

Flexibility and simplicity

By making charitable contributions of cash, appreciated securities, or other assets to the Horizons Donor-Advised Fund program now, you have the ability to recommend grants to charitable nonprofit organizations now or later. Donors enjoy simple, comprehensive administration of their philanthropic planning, with no check-writing on your part.

Immediate tax benefits

Because contributions to a Donor-Advised Fund are irrevocable, you receive an immediate, dollar-for-dollar, charitable federal income tax deduction for the full fair market value, up to the maximum allowed by law. Contributions of appreciated assets are not subject to capital gains tax.

Grant recommendations

While the tax deduction is taken immediately, you may recommend grants to your favorite charitable organizations throughout the life of your fund. Recommendations can be made easily through an online, password-protected page on Horizons’ website, by filling out a simple form, or by contacting Horizons staff. We take care of the rest.

Specialized grantmaking advice

Horizons Foundation can provide important expertise and up-to-date information about LGBT and other types of organizations in the Bay Area, nationally, and internationally. Horizons can provide a limited amount of research and docket preparation for you upon request, and assist in creating an individual strategic giving plan aligned with your values and interests. Except in unusual instances, there is no charge for these services.

Investment options

The Horizons Donor-Advised Fund program provides you the opportunity to recommend how your fund is invested. The program offers donors several investment strategies to choose from, all of which are closely monitored and evaluated by our Investment Committee.

Enhanced giving power

Any growth in assets within a Horizons Donor-Advised Fund is tax free, potentially increasing your contribution’s charitable grants in the future.

Legacy giving

Establish a charitable legacy by recommending grants to be made from your Donor-Advised Fund at the time of your death. You may add to or change these recommendations at any time without having to amend your estate plan. 

No fees

If you choose to become a member of Horizons Foundation’s Leadership Circle ($1,000+ annual gift to Horizons general operating) and that gift is greater than 1% of your fund balance, we will waive our charitable administration fee. The great majority of Horizons donor advisors are members of the Leadership Circle and pay no fees.

Establish a fund today

Open a Donor-Advised Fund today. For more information or for help establishing a Donor-Advised Fund at Horizons Foundation, email us at [email protected]

Donor-Advised Forms*

*  All forms on this page are fillable PDF’s.  You no longer need to print them out.  You can now fill them out directly on your computer, use e-sign for verify, and email them right back.  Horizons is committed to contributing positively to the environment. 

Already have a Donor-Advised Fund (DAF)? Your account balance and activity are available in summary form, and you can check the status of all contributions to your account and grants recommended from it. Log in for secure access to your Horizons Foundation DAF.

The Bridge That Calls Us Together

M.J. is the host of the “Revolting Seniors” podcast, produced by Horizons’ grantee partner Curry Senior Center. Curry works with the senior LGBTQ population in the Tenderloin.

“The senior community in the Tenderloin is a pretty large group. In fact, it’s the largest senior community in the city.  Read more.

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