Our work isn't over. Will you join us?

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When the pandemic hit, Horizons awarded $1 million in emergency grants to Bay Area LGBTQ nonprofits — but our work isn’t over. Research data and on-the-ground experience show that even with vaccines, many in our community are in danger of being left behind in the recovery. 

That’s why Horizons has created the LGBTQ Resilience and Recovery Fund to award additional grants to local LGBTQ nonprofits serving the most vulnerable segments of our community.

The foundation is seeding the fund with $100,000. Will you join us in community by supporting our LGBTQ Resilience and Recovery Fund?

Openhouse delivering groceries to LGBTQ seniors

Openhouse, one of the many nonprofits Horizons supported with emergency grants, served hundreds of seniors last year: “That funding from Horizons — because they stepped up so quickly... we were able to make those purchases and actually put groceries in the hands of LGBTQ seniors.”

If every LGBTQ person in the Bay Area gives just $5, we can award over $2 million in grants. And that becomes $40 million if we each give $100! 

Just imagine the world we can create — together.

100% of every donation goes directly to grants awarded to high-impact nonprofits serving the most vulnerable in our Bay Area LGBTQ community.