Barry Taylor

Barry Taylor, CFP

Senior Wealth Manager and Managing Director

Sand Hill Global Advisors, LCC

Change brings opportunity but also complexity.  And when the changes, many of them due to natural life occurrences, keep happening, you need to know that you have professional help that can advise you about the best ways to embrace new opportunities with passion, while also being well-informed.

For the typical member of our community – whether single, married, in a domestic partnership, or with a family – the financial planning process needs to be a comprehensive approach that encompasses estate and tax planning, possible tax-friendly charitable giving solutions, and more. 

As Co-Chair of the Horizons Foundation Professional Advisory Circle, Barry builds a team of professionals, including attorneys, accountants, and others, to work together to ensure that all aspects of a client’s financial well-being are addressed by competent professionals, many of whom are thought-leaders in the LGBTQ community.

Choosing the correct Financial Planner is not always easy but Barry takes pride in discussing your personal situation with you and if he’s not the right person for the job, he’s happy to recommend other professionals that may fit your unique needs.

Horizons Foundation offers these lists as a resource and not as an endorsement of the qualifications or services of any individual, partnership, corporation, or any other entity listed. We advise you to conduct your own investigation before engaging the services of any of the advisors listed.