Jim Frazin

Jim Frazin, CFP®, AIF®

Financial Planner and Principal

Communitas Financial Planning PBC

I obtained my CFP® in 1990. I worked in many professions before, including carpentry and homebuilding, motorcycle and automotive mechanics, organic farming, food co-op retail and wholesale, food processing and distribution, and community organizing in the anti-nuke, anti-Vietnam war, and bisexual communities.

I co-founded Communitas in 2012. We specialize in assisting LGBTQ, middle- and working-class families in aligning their resources with their goals. We feel the “wealth-management” tail has been wagging the “societal dog” for too long. In many cases, pursuing “wealth management,” an aspirational euphemism for empire creation,” has contributed to massive wealth disparity and income inequality. We aspire to help our clients reverse those trends and restore to the commonwealth clean air, clean water, free or low-cost health, child, elder care, and education with outcomes comparable to other developed nations. We wish to help clients recognize their personal policy and financial decisions can contribute to recreating the greater good.

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