A Great, Great Day

A great, great dayIt is a great, great day.

A few hours ago, I stood on the steps of San Francisco’s City Hall. The sun shown brilliantly, an early breeze curled a growing sea of rainbow flags, and everywhere there were smiles and shouts and hugs and tears. It is our day at last.

How fitting it seemed to be at City Hall. Soaring City Hall, where a hate crime took the life of Harvey Milk, and where the White Night Riots exploded in rage. City Hall, where those magical Valentine days in 2004 brought the world the beautiful and thrilling sight of hundreds of couples, waiting joyously in the rain to be married; where thousands of us gathered in stunned response to the passage of Prop 8 – and, five years later, where elation filled the grand rotunda the day that Windsor and Perry were announced.

And then today. Movement leaders, public officials, plaintiff couples from landmark cases past, all assembled in front of a giant rainbow banner spilling down from the balcony high above. So many heroes and heroines of this epic struggle for simple equality, our quest for simple dignity.

Marriage was won today in the courts. But we all know that it was really won by the actions and gifts, the courage and sacrifices, of millions of people. If you’re reading this, it’s almost certain that you’re among them, and I hope that you hold this moment – this priceless moment for which you’ve worked and given and waited for so long – close and proud. 

We would never – never – have gotten here without you. All of us at Horizons salute you and we thank you.

This is your day. It is our day.

It is indeed a great, great day.

With pride, joy, and vast appreciation,



Roger Doughty, President