Mourning the Shooting at Club Q

We at Horizons are devastated by the continued crimes of hate toward LGBTQ people and LGBTQ safe spaces: this time, it’s the mass shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs.

Remembrance: A Revolutionary Act

On Transgender Day of Remembrance, we say their names.

We Can’t Let This Stand

Today’s U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v Wade is wrong, immensely damaging, and a deeply worrying indicator of this Court’s direction. It is a very dark day for America. Harm

Pride as Protest — and Celebration

At times during these past two years, it might have seemed as if we’d never again have a June when we could celebrate Pride, together publicly and proudly in person.

We’ve lost a giant: Urvashi Vaid (1958-2022)

Everywhere she went, she was fearless – and she made things happen. She was one of the very best.

Twenty Years: A Message I Never Expected to Write

It is a great privilege, every bit as much so today as it was to first step on board.

Standing on the Side of Reproductive Justice

The leaked Supreme Court draft opinion confirmed our fears: the court seems ready to burn up decades of precedent protecting fundamental bodily autonomy and upholding reproductive justice.

Grateful for Community

As the candle of 2021 burns down toward its wick, I find myself deeply thankful for so much and for so many.