Expanding Horizons

July 2022 – June 2023
Annual Report

From the Board Co-Chairs and President

We are proud to share with you Horizons Foundation’s annual report for the most recent fiscal year, which ended June 30, 2023. It’s a once-a-year opportunity to offer an overview of some of the foundation’s work and impact – and to share it with you, our Horizons family and community. 

We chose the title “Expanding Horizons” for several reasons. For one, many of us expanded our own horizons during this period, emerging from our pandemic homes and edging back into public life and community. 

Yet that’s only part of why we chose this title. Horizons Foundation’s own reach and impact spread to every part of the Bay Area and well beyond. The year covered by this report proved the single largest year of grantmaking in our 43-year history, a total of $7.7 million, triple what it was 10 years ago, and 60% more than five years ago. Also, for the first time, Horizons was ranked as the top grantmaker to the LGBTQ community among all community foundations in the country! 

What we've built

While we take some pride in this, we hope that you take deep pride as well. You have built Horizons Foundation, along with the thousands of people who’ve donated, volunteered, supported, and helped to lead it, some for decades.

It’s because of you that not only did Horizons support more LGBTQ organizations in the Bay Area, but the foundation’s impact went so much further. You might call those our extended Horizons. You likely know already about our nationwide impact through Give OUT Day, the Horizons-sponsored national day of giving for LGBTQ nonprofits, which has raised millions for hundreds of groups in the Bay Area and across the country. In addition, through a special fund, we provided critical funding to stop the spread of hate and extremism in Africa and other parts of the world. 

A final note

As we write this letter, we are acutely conscious of the serious challenges facing our community and the country. It is no hyperbole to say that our community – especially transgender people – is under unprecedented, coordinated attack. And that’s taking place against an alarming national background of deepening division and extremism. 

Our community needs all of us at this increasingly dangerous time. We assure you that Horizons will be there - with you – for our community, now and forever. 

Thank you again for your generous support and all you do for our community. 

In community and in gratitude,

Dipti Ghosh

Board Co-Chair

Tim Murray

Board Co-Chair

Roger Doughty


Our Recent

Grantee Partner Stories

Rights, Faith, and Democracy Collaborative

Even as Horizons’ heart lies in the Bay Area, we have long believed that the Bay Area – and Horizons – can contribute to critical, frontline work in other parts of the country. San Francisco is seen by so many – worldwide – as a symbol and a haven, and we know that support from here can be especially powerful to those living in less LGBTQ-friendly places.

It is in that spirit that Horizons is proud to be the only community foundation in the country to participate in a nationwide funding collaborative, the Rights, Faith, and Democracy Collaborative. This unique collaboration funds the fight against the state-level attacks on both LGBTQ and reproductive rights. The RFDC currently focuses on Georgia, Minnesota, and New Mexico, as well as emergency response grantmaking across the country. The number of states will expand as more foundations join the collaborative.

Grantee Partner Stories

Grantmaking Breakdown


Fiscal Year 2023 proved another strong year for the foundation’s finances. Our donors continue to invest in Horizons, and their gifts increase the foundation’s impact – and assets – each year. The LGBTQ Community Endowment Fund – dedicated to the long-term strength of the LGBTQ community – stood at $16.8 million, an increase of 65% in the past five years. Of our operating expenses, fully 92% went towards grants and programs, while 8% went towards supporting expenses.

Statement of Financial Position

Year ending June 30, 2023


Current Assets


Other Assets


Total Assets



Current Liabilities


Long-Term Liabilities


Total Liabilities


Net Assets

Without Donor Restrictions


With Donor Restrictions


Total Net Assets


Total Liabilities and Net Assets


Statement of Activities

Year Ending June 30, 2023

Operating Revenue and Support

Contributions from Individual


Foundation, Corporate, and Government Grant






Fundraising Events (net)


Total Support


Investment Income


Other Income


Total Revenue


Total Operating Support and Revenue


Operating Expense

Program Services


Fundraising, Management, and General


Total Operating Expense


Change in Net Assets


Net Assets, July 1, 2022


Net Assets, June 30, 2023


Thank you to our generous supporters!

Individual Donors

Leadership Circle

Horizons recognizes the especially generous contributions of our Leadership Circle, made up of donors who have given $1,000 or more in the past year. The Leadership Circle shapes every facet of our work, and every major gift has a significant impact on what we can do for our community, in the SF Bay Area and around the world. This listing covers the period from July 2022 to June 2023.

Champion: $50,000 or more

Anne Dorman & Annette Tracy

Robert Holgate

Lesbians for Good

Emily Rosenberg & Darlene de Manincor

Cornerstone: $25,000 to $49,999

The Future Fund

Christopher Lim

Ferolyn T. Powell Fund

Doug Robson

Visionary: $10,000 to $24,999

Ignatius Bau

Brian Cameron & William Snider

Robert J. Carr/Gay Chemists Endowed Fund for Legacy

Mary Anne Courtney & Beverly Scott

Francis Duff & John Okuloski

Margarita Gandia

The Wolfgang E. Giesecke and William E. Vastardis Family Fund

Michael Hulton & David Stewart

Jan Marks

Builder: $5,000 to $9,999

Anonymous (2)

Sasha Aickin

Linda Amuso

Clara Basile

David Black

Arthur Bredenbeck

Kathryn Clubb & Linda Reid

Kristin Cooper & Giselle Jurkanin 

Ruth Dawson & Gale Richards

Robert Evans & Terry Micheau

Charles Forester

Robert Friedman

Michael Genhart & John Stiehler 

Dipti Ghosh & Meggy Gotuaco

William D. Glenn & Prescott W. Hafner

Alan Mason & Timothy Rodrigues

Ash McNeely & Elisa Odabashian

Timothy Patriarca & James Wang

Ken Prag

Jane Swan

Advocate: $2,500 to $4,999

Diane Allen & Kathleen Quenneville

Chloe Atkins & Erin Flynn 

Douglas Braley & James Otwell

William Charles Brockett, Jr. & Lawrence William Bryer

Axel Brunger & Thomas Burke

David Carroll & Stan Yogi 

Jay Cohen

Andrew Fisher & Jeffry Weisman 

Robert H. Gajewski & James H. Luedde

Nanette Gartrell & Dee Mosbacher

Jay Grant & Craig Zodikoff 

Mitzi Henderson

Bob Hermann & Dan Joraanstad

Roy K. Hom

Jose Iglesias & Donald Myers

Lawrence Kolka & Ian MacWilliams

Michael Kossman

Neil Lang and Joe Pessa

Warren Marenco Chase & Rick Mordesovich

Keitaro Matsuda & Charles Rick

Thomas Mieczkowski

Daniel Neumann & David Richardson

Kate O'Hanlan & Léonie Walker

Dave Radcliffe

E. Michael Reyes

Miguel Ruelas & Sid Hartman

Robert W. Sass, Sass Social Justice Fund of Horizons Foundation

Randall Shields & Harrison Yeoh

Lia Shigemura & Helen Zia

Leader: $1,000 to $2,499

Norman Abramson

Faruq Ahmad & ShuSheng Lin

Dominick Albano

Paul F. Albert

Eric Allman & Marshall McKusick 

Emanuel Anes & Stanley Watson

David Baker & Rodney Omandam

Juan Barajas & Prakash Ramsinghani

Derek Barnes & Ted Hiscox

Charles Beazell

Gaeta Bell & Audrey Koh, M.D. 

Daniel Bellm & Yoel Kahn 

Drs. Beverly Benson & Pamela Farmer

Kermit Berg & Malte Schutz

Alan Billingsley & John Podolsky

Adam Blum

Paul Booth & John Caner 

Ruth Borenstein & Karen Strauss

Cheri Bryant

Anne Casscells & Susan Ketcham

Jim Chambers & Eric Hsu 

Frank Ching &Charley Kearns

Yuming Chiu & Shilpen Patel 

Anthony Chiu, MD & AJ Shepard 

Robert Clegg & Jorge Rey-Prada

Jody Cole

Wayne Costa

Rita da Luz & Pat Taber

Arvada Darnell & Cheryl Pike

Joseph Dashiell & Kenneth Thames 

Camden Davis

David Dean & Steve Lowinger

William Denebeim & Mark Vogel

Mike Dillon

Inette Dishler & Ida Kuluk 

Marylin Dodd

Dora Dome

Douglas Drummond & John Tuttle

Marta Drury & Kerry Lobel

Eric Emanuel & Dan Quigley 

Lei Fang & Ronald Wolberg

Sharna Fey & Deb Stallings 

Rick Freeman & Paul Woolford 

Dorothy Furgerson & Carrie Reid

Martha Gross

Richard Hansen

Sue Hansen & Judith Stone

Stuart Harrison & David Ring

Daniel Healy & Gerald LaBuda

Frederick Hertz & Randolph Langenbach

Jill D. Hollander MBA, CFP, ADPA

John Hudson & Peter A. Weiser

Hon. James L. Warren 

Crystal Jang & Sydney Yeong

Jean Johnston & Katherine Morris

Michael Kay & Stephen Shearer

Lawrence Klein

James Lauber & Tim Portwood 

Stoner Lichty & Darryl Raszl, MD

Mimi Liem & Barbara Noda and Petra Liljestrand

Keith Loring

John Lum

Jim Maloney & Andrew Nance

Melisa Márquez

Jay McCall

Richard Meiss & Peter Rudy

Patricia Miller & Sue V. Rosser 

Paula Morris & Cory Pohley
Jeffrey Nigh

Paul Olsen & Mark Burns

Tony Origlio & Kip Vanderbilt
John Osborn

Wayne Pan

Robert Philipson

The Rice-Schermerhorn Marriage Equality Fund

William Rogers & Johnny Symons 

Robert Russell

Annie Sammis

Claudio Schnier

Peter Scott

Ricardo Segura

Chantavy Sem

John W. Stewart III & Ramon A. Torres

Daniel Strauss & Joseph Tally

Mike Tekulsky & Ron Wong 

Andrew Utiger

Melody & Rebecca Walden-Pound

Scott Walton

Robert Warren

Ingu Yun

Every gift, larger or smaller, helps support Horizons' work to create a world where all LGBTQ people live freely and fully. Here we recognize donors of all size gifts up to $999.

Friend: Up to $999

Robin Adams

Marcy Adelman

Victor Aguilar Jr.

Dan Aibel & David Pittman

Ellen Anderson & Linda Harrison

Brett Andrews

Catherine-Anne & Gayle Gajus-Ramsay

Anonymous (5)

M K Archambeau

Chris Arvin

James Austin & Ray Schreiber

Adriana Ayala

William Baird

Nancy Baker & Cathy Hauer

Chris Baker

Terry Baransy

Kenneth Barnes & John Ducote

Diane Bartell

Lucy Basta

Mark Baumli & David Costa

Wayne Bautista & Alfredo Pedroza

Filemon Bautista & Edward Lortz

Robert Beadle

Edgar Beals & Mike Mazzaferro

George Beatty, MD & David Gleba

Alma Beck & Junior Claros

John & Belinda Dronkers-Laureta

Adam Berman & Alex Scotta

David Bernstein

Diana Bersohn

Davidson M. Bidwell-Waite & Edwin Andrew Waite

Kristy Billuni & Helen Lin

Michael Blacksburg, Esq.

Zane Blaney & John Caldwell

Suzanne Blum

Dan Blumkin

William Boeddiker

William Bombria

Karin Bonnet Woods

Henry Bortman & Dwayne


Caroline Boyden & Rahel Smith

Timothy Bridge & William


Mark Briggs

Barbara Buckley & Barb Hargrave

Des Buford & Sophia Lanza-Weil

Clayton Bullock

Sean Bushart

Stephen Callcott & Clifford Hopkins 

Xóchitl Carrion

Dolores Casazza & Linda Scott

Susan Chacin

Timothy Chamberlain

Andrew Chang

Debbie Chaw

Jerry Choy

Phyllis A. Chrisman & Dorothy M. Shimer

Arthur Cohen

Matthew Coles

Edward Conley

Douglas Cook

Myron Coppock

Steven Correll & Jim Shay

John Couling

Thomas Daniels

Darby Davenport

Pamela David

Nancy Davis & Donna Hitchens

Sara Davis & Michelle McCormick

Richard Davis - Lowell & William Lowell

Anita de la Rosa

Jonathan Deason & David Michaels

Sandra Del Monte

Jesse DeRose

Lawrence Dillon

Rochelle Dineen

Arnold Dito

Robert Dockendorff

Thomas Donelan

Roger Doughty & Royce Lin

Jean M. & Steven V. Doughty

Michael Dragoni

Julie Driscoll & Christina Jefferson

James Eason & Jeffrey Hookom

Matthew Easterwood

Mary Edna Harrell

Bill Eggert

Peter Elting & Wes Freas

Julia Epstein & Mary Elizabeth Sandel

Joel Evans & Ace St. George

Leslie Ewing

Page Faegre

Bonnie Faigeles & Sean Hoyer

Lisa Fairchild

Kurt Feichtmeir & Gerald Reis

Julie Felner

Meredith Fenton & Ains Hill

Alan Ferrara & Allan Gold, PhD

Joseph Ferrucci & Trip Weil

Na'Ama Firestone & Lesley 

Levine MD

Dan Flanagan & Geoff Kerr

Michael Foley

Suzanne Ford

Rena Frantz & Ora Prochovnick

Brian Freeman & Peter Stein

Nina Friedman & Eric Nass

Marsha Gale & Liz Hoadley

Dulce Garcia

Kevin Gardner & Paul Morrell

Margo George & Catherine Karrass

Kate Ghidinelli

Shannon Gilcrease

Michael Gillespie & Kirk Nass

John Gilliland & Eric Pfeiffer

Rima Goldman

Howard L. Grothe, Jr. and Robert James

Rudy Guerrero

Timothy Guzman

Michael Ham

Eileen Hamper & Elizabeth Owen

Tom Hansen & Ira Hirschfield

Johna Hansen

Curt Harris

Arif Hasyim & John Marcom

Garrett Hayashida

Dave Hendrickson & Daniel 


Joyce Hill

Constance Hills & Julie 


Yvette Hirth

Molly Hoyt

Rose Huening-Clark

Alec Hughes

Glenda Humiston

David Hyman

Andrew Irish

Donna Isralsky & Jodie Silberman

Margaret Jenkins-Wax & Albert Wax

Nyles M. Johnson

Olu Johnson

Carl Jukkola

Marcus Jung

Bianca Kaprielian & Deborah Koski

Jon Kastrup & Vadim Milman

John Kelly & Mary Schmidt

Shannon Kennedy

Robert Kenneth Tat

Lawrence Kenney

Devesh Khatu

Deb Kinney

Chelsea Kurnick

John M. LeBedda II

Laura Lala-Chavez

Matt & Luan Lam-Chen

David Lammel

Gary Landberg

Michael Langsdorf

Kristin Laurin

Mark Leno

Susan LeSeure

Galen Leung

Linda Levey

Rebecca Levison

Joseph Lewis & Todd Reasinger

Diane Li & Dao-liang Chou

Marc Lindsell & Mark Tetrault
Su-Ling Voon

Yan Liu

Susan Lowenberg & Joyce 


Peter Lundberg

Jason Macario

David Mahon

Flannery May

Adair McClatchy & Marla Rabin

Douglas McCracken & A. Kristian Nergaard

Beverly McCreary

Rob Meason & Richard Turko

David Meders

Pamela Merchant & Kirby Sack

Brandon J. Miller CFP, CLU

Charles Minehart

Craig Mole

Allan Moskowitz

Tomiquia Moss

Thomas Murphy & Timothy Murray

Alex Nellas

Brittney Nelson

Susan Nesbitt

Trevor Nguyen

Judy Nishimoto & Julie Mark
Chas Nol

James Oakley

Jorge Olivares & Marc Stein

Jessica Ortiz

Juan Pablo Llinas

Andrew Parker-Rose & Flavio 

Rose Epstein

Leana Patel

Pamela Peirce

Maya Philipson

Jana Pisciotta

Michael Piscitelli

Leanne Pittsford

Rev. Robin M Poppoff

Bassam Qasem

Reza Rahaman & James Sinton

Julie M. Renfroe & Caroline E. Weis, CFA, CFP

Salu Ribeiro

Sandra Risher

Alex Rivera

Ani Rivera

Michael Roberts

Allison & Silvia Robinson

William Rogers

Craig Rouskey

Kent Sack, MD

Eric Sanders

Jaime Santos

Linda Scaparotti

Milton P. Schaefer, PhD

Robert Schaff & Melton Smith

Graham Schneider

Wolf Schweiger

Harold Segelstad

Melissa Serrano

Stan Sesser

El Shaddai Fund

Robert Shadduck

Leyli Shirvani

Douglas Sills

Danielle Siragusa

Robert Smedfjeld

Darren Smith

A. Sparks

Tiffany Sparks-Keeney

Charles Spiegel

Brian Springfield

Caitlin Stanton & Randall Trigg

Margaret Stevenson & Karen Topakian

William Stewart

Elizabeth Storey

Glenn Stover

Chris Sutherland

Susan & Glynis Takalo

Tyler TerMeer

Demetrhea Terrien & Betsy York

Sam Thal MD

David Thomas

Susan Thomas

Gwen Tillman

Sophia Toh

Janette Tom

Dana Topping

Laura Tow

Aaron Tracy

Jessica Tracy

Paul V. Turner

Alan Twhigg

Jennifer Vercauteren

James Vermillion

Wendy Wagner

Jessica Walitt

Dee Wallis

Sharon Washington & Barbara Zoloth

David Wasserman

Amanda & Jonathan Webb

Andreas Weigend

Denise Wells

Suzanne Wells

Carolyn Westgaard

Lawrence Wexler

Jeffrey White

E. William Kean

Amy Williams

Joseph Winslow

Keren Woodward

Legacy Circle

By leaving a gift to Horizons in their estate plans, members of our Legacy Circle ensure that Horizons can continue funding innovative, grassroots solutions to our community’s emerging needs – for generations to come.

Legacy Gifts Spotlight: Williams and Hart Rainbow Fund

Pictured: John Williams

Horizons is in the process of receiving what will ultimately be the largest estate gift ever left to the foundation. The donor, John Williams, directed that funds from his estate be added to the “Williams and Hart Rainbow Fund,” a donor-advised fund that he had established. Horizons staff is working with two close friends named by John to advise on future allocations of grant funds. The estate will likely be received over several years and, in the coming years, will make possible significant investments in the LGBTQ community for years to come. We are deeply grateful to John for his wonderful generosity and his commitment to the Bay Area LGBTQ community.

Legacy Circle Members

Lynn Adams & Ron Kinkade
Marcy Adelman
Faruq Ahmad & ShuSheng Lin
Dominick Albano
Ronald Albers & Colin Alexander
Paul Albert
Rosío Alvarez
William Alverson
Salvatore Baglieri & Peter Cirincione
Hiram Banks & Roberto Lee
Dan Bartley
Teddy Basham-Witherington
Ignatius Bau
Teresa Baum
Alma Beck & Junior Claros
Charles Belov
John Benet
Lawrence Bennett & Patrick Maes
Wayne Bennion & Robert Demers
Beverly Benson & Pamela Farmer
Adam Berman & Alex Scotta
Angela Berry & Cynthia Strickland
Selisse Berry & Cynthia Martin
Davidson M. Bidwell-Waite & Edwin Andrew Waite
Matt Bissinger
David Black
Adam Blum
John Boling
William Bombria
Douglas Braley & James Otwell
William Brockett & Lawrence Bryer
Thomas Burke & Axel Brunger
Cheri Bryant
Dan Bunker & Alan Pellman
Miguel Bustos
Thomas Buxton
John Caldwell & Zane Blaney
Janis Callon
Doug Cannon
Peter Carleton
Robert Carr
David Carroll & Stan Yogi
Doris Chavez
William Clark
Robert Clegg & Jorge Rey-Prada
Jay Cohen
Laurence Colton & John McCoy
Edward Conley
Bill Connors
David Cover & Christopher Sellars
Christopher Cowen
Carole Cullum & Kathy Brehm
Rita da Luz & Pat Taber
John Darby
Robert Darling & Robert Rosen
William Davis
Richard Davis - Lowell & William Lowell
William Davisson
Sue Dibble & Jeanne DeJoseph
Rodney DeMartini & Frederick Kasl
Rodrigo Dias & Jason Eshler
William Dill & C.W. Kammerer
Lawrence Dillon
Robert Dockendorff
Marylin Dodd
Julie Dorf
Anne Dorman & Annette Tracy
Roger Doughty & Royce Lin
Jo Ann Driscoll
Douglas Drummond & John Tuttle
Francis Duff & John Okuloski
Joel Evans & ACE St. George
Leslie Ewing
John Falke
Kurt Feichtmeir & Gerald Reis
Erin Flynn & Chloe Atkins
Richard Foglia
Charles Forester
Thomas Fumarelli
Robert H. Gajewski & James H. Luedde
Kevin Galvin & David Workman
Margarita Gandia
Nanette Gartrell & Dee Mosbacher
David Gaskin & Phillip McPherson
Linda Gebroe
Dipti Ghosh & Meggy Gotuaco
Gary Gielow & Tom Shamp
Rachel Ginsburg
Robert Glavin
David Gleba & George Beatty
Allan Gold & Alan Ferrara
Rima Goldman
Stuart Goldstein

Michael Gonsalves
Richard Gooch
F. Jill Gover & Patricia Burck
Charles Hill Graham
Susan Greef & Maureen Prochaska
Roger Gross
Howard Grothe & Robert James
Scott Hafner & Bill Glenn
Michael C. Hall & Rafael Campos
Eileen Hamper & Elizabeth Owen
Richard Hansen
Linda Harrison & Ellen Anderson
Stuart Harrison & David Ring
Rodney Hartzell
Brian Hauck
David Hawk
Meri Hayos & Kathy Moore
Daniel Healy & Gerald LaBuda
Mitzi Henderson
Kevin Herglotz & James Maxwell
Ruth Herring & Pamela Peniston
Frederick Hertz & Randolph Langenbach
Yvette Hirth
Nicholas Hodges & Russell Brent
Robert Holgate
Katharine Holland
Robert Horn
Eric Hsu & Jim Chambers
Michael Hulton & David Stewart
H. Nona Hungate
Darren Isom
Ross Jackson & Gary Barg
Kevin James & Thomas Rielly
Nyles M. Johnson
Christopher Jones
Dan Joraanstad & Bob Hermann
Giselle Jurkanin & Kristin Cooper
Yoel Kahn & Daniel Bellm
James Kaplan
Michael Kay & Stephen Shearer
E. William Kean
Thaddeus Kellam
Kelly Kelly
Paul Kennedy
Devesh Khatu
Patricia Kilroy
Deb Kinney
David Kirp
David Klug
Eric Knudtson
Lawrence Kolka & Ian MacWilliams
Chris Kollaja & Tom Dooher
Michael Kossman
Ivor Kraft
John Krawczyk
Rita Kresha
Audrey Koh & Gaeta Bell
David Kundtz
Neil Lang & Joe Pessa
Barry Lawrence
Mark Leno
John Leonard
William Lerrigo & Shannon Trimble
Steve Lew
Petra Liljestrand
Keith Loring
Susan Lowenberg & Joyce Newstat
Glen Lubbert
JoVanna Luque
Jim Maloney & Andrew Nance
John Marcom & Arif Hasyim
Jan Marks
Charles Marsteller
Elvia Marta & Bayan Jamay
Jose Martinez
Keitaro Matsuda & Charles Rick
Kevin McCarthy & David Bui
Adair McClatchy & Marla Rabin
Scott McElhinney
Richard McKenzie
Ash McNeely & Elisa Odabashian
Terry Micheau & Robert Evans
Charles Minehart
Rick Mordesovich & Warren Marenco Chase
Sandra Morris
Timothy Murray & Thomas Murphy
Donald Myers & Jose Iglesias
Alex Nellas
Kristian Nergaard & Doug McCracken
Daniel Neumann & David Richardson
Julie Nicholson & Constance Hills
Jeffrey Nigh
Barbara Noda & Mimi Liem
James Oakley
Paul Olsen & Mark Burns
John Osborn

Virginia Palmer
Alan Pardini & Ken Noyes
G. Lee Peisker
Peter Philipp & Rick Holden
Patrick Phillips
Robin Poppoff
Mark Porter
Tim Portwood & James Lauber
Randolph Quebec & Cal Long
Kathleen Quenneville & Diane Allen
Dan Quigley & Eric Emanuel
Keith Rasmussen
Darryl Raszl & Stoner Lichty
Lawrence Reh
Dale Rettinger
Edward Michael Reyes
Chuck Roppel
Victor Rosario & Gregg Cook
Nelson Roseland
Emily Rosenberg & Darlene de Manincor
Kate Rosenlieb
James Russell & Brent Hayrynen
Kent Sack
Vincent Sales
Cynthia Sapp
Robert Sass
Linda Scaparotti
John Schank
Claudio Schnier
George Schopper
Lisa Schoonerman & Kelly Lake
Malte Schutz & Kermit Berg
Andrew Schwartz & John Eggerton
Beverly Scott & Mary Anne Courtney
Peter Scott
Stephen Seewer
Harold Segelstad
Lowell Selvin & Gilbert Winebar
Mark Senick
Susan Shain & Roberta Achtenberg
Randall Shields & Harrison Yeoh
Lia Shigemura & Helen Zia
Robert Shultz
Daniel Siedler
Fredric Silverman & Gérard Buulong
Len Silva
Kenneth Smith
William Snider & Brian Cameron
Scott Spande
A. Sparks
Charles Spiegel
Deb Stallings & Sharna Fey
Jeffrey Stanfield
John Stansell & Bruce Williams
Howard Steiermann
Marc Stein & Jorge Olivares
Robert Stenberg & David Kundtz
William Sullivan
Barry Taylor & John Inson
David Thomas
Julia Thoron
Dana Topping
Cheryl Traverse
William Trezise
Richard Tuck
Samuel Tucker & Lewis Nightingale
Paul Turner
William Turner
Lindasusan Ulrich & Emily Drennen
Andrew Utiger
Margaret Van Camp & Carol Patterson
Melody & Rebecca Walden-Pound
Gregory Walker
Jim Walker
Léonie Walker & Kate O'Hanlan
James Wang & Timothy Patriarca
Robert Warren
Stanley Watson & Emanuel Anes
Trip Weil & Joseph Ferrucci
Jeffry Weisman & Andrew Fisher
Denise Wells
Celeste West
Lawrence Wexler
Don Williams & David Jones
James Williamson & Geoff Kors
Rae Lyn Winblad
Ronald Wolberg & Lei Fang
Carl Wolf & Boone Callaway
Timothy Wolfred
James Wright
Cedric Yap & Edward Liebst
Paul Ybarbo
Bonnie & Hilary Yoffe-Sharp
Betsy York & Demetrhea Terrien
Ingu Yun
Jan Zivic

Horizons honors our Legacy Circle members who are no longer with us. Their memory lives on every day in the passionate work of our grantee partners and in the hearts of all who know them.

Legacy Gifts

Aaron Anderson

Gwen Araujo

Robert Barnes

Robert J. Barnett

William S. Bason

Alvin H. Baum, Jr.

David Bell

Bernard “Buzz” Bense

Dino Bevilaqua

Jack E. Bird

George R. Burgess

Robert Blair

Morton B. Blatt &
    Peter G. Holmstrom

Rich Chicotel

Robert Christensen

Jeffrey Cohen

Richard M. Cohen

Kim Cortright

A. Lindley Cotton

Lu Chaikin

George Choy

Dr. Gary James Dill

Alan W. Dunn

James Duggins

Ed Eishen

Lynn Eggers

Gary Pete Encinas

Idella Evans, PhD &
    Lois Fae Wilte

Tom Fleming

David Smith Fox

Robert Fuller

Bobby Griffith

Leslie Howard Gundel

Amburn Richard Hague

John E. Hambly

Garretson H. Hammond

Bruce C. Harris

Pan Haskins

Beverly Hershey

Clint Hockenberry

Charles M. Holmes

Eugene H. Howard

Joie Hubbert &
    Mary C. Greer

Anne Hughes

Benjamin W. Irvin

Ronald Mayer

Douglas McMaster Jackson

Debra Kent

Jay A. King

Arthur S. Lazere

Jane Lewy

Craig Lindhurst

George W. Lord

Lawrence R. Lucas

Tom Markowski &
    Jim Leach

Juan Marquez

Eugene Maurer

Alex Morris

Rowena Navia

Dennis Nix

Peter Olsen

Donald L. Oestreicher

Nicholas Papadopoulos

John Peterman

Alice Philipson

Tim Pittsford

Gil Pratt

Jerry Rosenstein

Joseph A. Rosenthal

Matthew Rothschild

Constance &
    Mitchell Sanders

Richard Tait Schraishuhn

David. F. Shupp, MD

Thomas Steel

William Stewart

Thomas W. Stratton

William J. Sullivan

Andy Tabatt &
    Barry Wolpa

Joseph Towner

Edward Vanegri

Susan Vanderburgh

Phillip Wald

Robert West

John Williams

Jan Zobel, EA

Donor-Advised Funds

Horizons' donor advisors are a values-driven community which award millions in grants to organizations within and beyond the LGBTQ community. Learn more about donor-advised funds at Horizons.

List of Donor-Advised Funds

A&P Lesbian Fund 

Aaron Anderson Memorial Fund for Public Education 

Abundant Love Fund 

Adam D. Blum and Gary M. Lang Fund 

Ahimsa Fund 

Aickin Fund 

Alec Hughes Legacy Fund 

Alex L. Nellas, MD Fund 

Alex Morris Memorial Fund 

Allen Quenneville Fund 

Andreas S. Weigend Fund 

Anne Sterling Dorman LGBT Fund 

Anthony J Gladson and Nyles M Johnson Charitable Fund 

Arvada Darnell & Cheryl Pike Fund 

Barbara and Barb's Lovestory Legacy 

Barry R. Taylor Philanthropic Fund 

Barry Taylor, Jan Blum, and Jana Pisciotta Fund 

Bau Family Fund 

Baumli Costa Fund 

Beck Claros Charitable Fund 

Benson-Farmer Philanthropic Fund 

Bidwell-Waite Family Trust Charitable Fund 

Borenstein - Strauss Family Fund 

Buchting Family Fund 

Burke-Brunger Fund 

Butch and The Femme Fund 

Callcott Hopkins Charitable Fund 

Camden Davis Fund 

Caroline & Rahel Queer Justice Fund 

Chuck Forester Fund 

Clayton Bullock Fund for Social Justice 

Cook-Samakow Family Fund 

Cosita Fund 

D Squared Gay Gents Fund 

Dan Joraanstad and Bob Hermann Faith in the Future Fund 

David P. Black Fund 

Decoder Ring 

Dillonwood Arts 

DK Centurion Fund for Equality 

Donna Isralsky-Jodie Silberman Fund 

Douglas Drummond & John Tuttle Fund 

Douglas Hayward & Dean Loumbas Fund 

Duff Okuloski Giving Fund 

Eason Hookom Family Fund 

EJ Conley Fund 

Ellen Anderson & Linda Harrison Charitable Trust 

Eric Hsu & James Chambers Charitable Fund 

Fabel Foundation 

Farouk and ShuSheng Family Fund 

Fegelah Fund 

Flynkins Fund 

Foundation to Benefit Queer People 

Future Fund 

Gajus-Ramsay Philanthropic Fund 

Gale Richards and Ruth Dawson Family Fund 

Gay and Lesbian Fund of the Redwood Empire 

Gay Chemists Support Fund 

Gay Empowerment Neumann-Richardson Fund 

George, Ruth, Ladd, Charles and Nora Spiegel Gay Fund 

girls just wanna have funD 

Give Now Fund 

Glass City Fund 

Golden Fishes Fund 

Gotuaco Ghosh Philanthropic Fund 

Gratitude Fund 

Hafner-Glenn Donor Advised Fund 

Harwood Hall Fund 

Healy-LaBuda Charitable Fund 

Henry Bortman and Dwayne Schanz Fund 

Hills-Nicholson Fund 

Holgate/Baum Emergency Fund 

Howard Grothe and Robert James Philanthropic Fund 

Hulisch / Flechtheim Fund 

Ida Kuluk and Inette Dishler Equality and Justice Tzedakah Fund 

Ingu Yun LGBT Philanthropic Fund 

Jake Fund 

Janet Lockhart McCune and John Robison McCune Fund 

Jay Cohen Philanthropic Fund 

John and Zane's Queer Legacy Fund 

John Marcom and Arif Hasyim Fund

John W. Stewart III Gay and Lesbian Equality Fund 

Jurkanin Cooper Family Fund 

Keitaro Matsuda Philanthropic Fund 

Kerr/Flanagan Fund 

Lesbians for Good 

Lesbians Helping Others 

Lewis/Reasinger Family Fund 

Lewy-Eishen Gay Values Fund 

Live Oak Fund of Horizons Foundation 

Liz Hoadley-Marsha Gale Fund 

Luedde-Gajewski Gay Affirming Fund 

Marc Stein and Jorge Olivares Fund 

Markowski-Leach Scholarship Fund 

Mars Fund 

Mason Rodrigues Charitable Fund 

Mike Dillon Donor Advised Fund 

Mole Fund 

Mordesovich – Chase Family Charitable Gift Fund 

Napa Valley Unity League LGBT Fund 

Neil Lang and Joe Pessa Philanthropic Fund 

Nergaard-McCracken Fund 

Norman Abramson and David Beery Charitable Fund 

O'Hanlan-Walker Fund 

Olsen-Burns Fund 

Paloma Fund 

Pamela David Equality Fund 

Pamela Rosin Fund 

Patriarca Wang Family Fund 

Paul Albert Fund 

Paul Connolly and Chas Nol Fund 

Paul V. Turner Charitable Fund 

Queer Acceptance Fund 

Queer Leadership Fund 

Queer-Spirit Earth Vision Fund 

Rahaman/Sinton Family Fund 

Randolph-Nguyen Family Fund 

Red Envelope Giving Circle Fund 

Rice-Schermerhorn Marriage Equality Fund 

Robert Clegg Diversity Awareness Philanthropic Fund 

Robert Holgate Philanthropic Fund 

Robert S. Warren Donor Advised Fund 

Robson Family Fund 

Rocket Fund for Equality 

Roger Doughty & Royce Lin Philanthropic Fund 

Roxy Darb Fund 

Rubel-Holgate Family Fund 

Rudy Meiss Philanthropic Fund 

Sally's Whim 

Sam Thal MD Charitable Fund 

San Francisco Choral Music Fund 

Sandstep Fund 

Sass Social Justice Fund 

Scott/Courtney Fund 

Sherrie Sparks Fund 

Silver and Blue Fund for Equality and Justice 

Sophia Toh Fund 

Sparks Fund for Equity and Innovation 

St. George & Evans Fund 

Stan Sesser Fund 

Susan Lowenberg and Joyce Newstat Fund 

Sutanto Widjaja & Eric Congdon Charitable Fund 

Swan Family Fund 

Tekulsky Wong Donor Advised Fund 

Terry Micheau Philanthropic Fund 

Thomas-Ross-Allen Fund 

Thriving Queer Futures Fund 

Tiffany Sparks-Keeney Donor Advised Fund 

Tim Bridge Common Good Fund 

Tim Pittsford Memorial Fund 

Topaz Fund 

Under 1 Fund 

Warrior Artists 

Wayne Bautista and Alfredo Pedroza Philanthropic Fund 

Weis/Renfroe Fund 

Williams & Hart Rainbow Fund 

Wolfgang E. Giesecke and William E. Vastardis Family Fund 

Woolford-Freeman Fund 

Yeoh' Shields Fund 

Yogi-Carroll Fund 

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