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Grateful for Community

As the candle of 2021 burns down toward its wick, I find myself deeply thankful for so much and for so many.

Remembrance, Then Action

On Transgender Day of Remembrance, we say their names.

This Is the Road Ahead

Our strategic plan is our roadmap toward the dreams we all share for our community.

Remembering Jim Hormel

Jim was, quite simply, a giant in our movement and in the community.

40 Years in Community

Happy Pride! Sitting here today, by myself in our small dining-room-turned-pandemic-office, I know it’s entirely possible — for any of us — to be proud all by ourselves, or simply

Pride and Remembrance

The Pulse Nightclub memorial in Orlando, Florida. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.Happy June. Happy summer. And happy Pride Month! This is always a singular time to celebrate our community, and

Pride in Our Community

Pride Month is a time to celebrate the diversity and strength of our LGBTQ community. It is also a time to support one another. Today marks not only the beginning of

Resilience and Rebuilding: The Bay Area LGBTQ Future After COVID

Our panelists, from left to right: Kiku Johnson, Aria Sa'id, Olga Talamante (moderator), and Lance Toma. Horizons was honored to host Resilience and Rebuilding: The Bay Area LGBTQ Future After