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And so it begins

The first 48 hours after the inauguration brought, amid the palpable anxiety, a few welcome moments of hope.


This Week in America

As happens every four years, America’s celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday arrives on the same week as the inauguration of the president.


Supporting the LGBTQ Community in 2016

To get there, we need you – your time, your leadership, your passion and, yes, your investment in Horizons Foundation. That’s why I invite you to help us mobilize and


The Mourning After the 2016 Election

We’re still on that road to justice, though the passage ahead right now looks dark. Times like these are times when we need each other more than ever, times when


Pride, always pride

Everyone at Horizons Foundation wishes you a safe and happy Pride. Thank you for everything you do to remember and honor all who’ve ever been hurt or harmed – and


A Flag at Half-Staff

Thirty-six hours after the unspeakable slaughter of our LGBTQ brothers and sisters in Orlando, the full horror of what happened can barely even begin to sink in. Our hearts are


Giving thanks in an out-of-kilter world

Thank you for your generosity to Horizons and to our community. You give me and so many others reason to be both hopeful – and grateful.


Be Part of Something Bigger

The Horizons family of grantee organizations and donors has not only fueled the LGBTQ movement, its helped chart its course by supporting nonprofits that help tens of thousands of people


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Elvia & Bayan

A romance started on the dance floor, and a legacy that reflects their shared passion and community. 

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