Horizons and the Respect for Marriage Act

A line of six-striped rainbow flags blowing in the wind

Today, President Biden signed into law the Respect for Marriage Act, the bipartisan legislation that overturns the Defense of Marriage Act, requires states to honor marriages from other states, and guarantees federal protections for same-sex and interracial couples. Especially in the wake of the Dobbs decision, which reversed the constitutional right to abortion and called into question other rights, including marriage equality, we at Horizons applaud President Biden’s important step in protecting the freedom to marry. 

The passage of the Respect for Marriage Act stands as a historic milestone, noteworthy for its bipartisan support. The legislation not only earned support from members of Congress across parties, but it also closely aligns with public opinion: A remarkable 71% of Americans, including a majority of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, support marriage equality for same-sex couples. In short, most Americans agree: Same-sex couples deserve equal protections. 

At Horizons, we are proud to have contributed to the fight for marriage equality by, for instance, awarding a landmark early grant to the campaign against Proposition 8, mobilizing donors through our Marriage Giving Circle, and helping shape the foundation world’s investment as part of the national Civil Marriage Collaborative. We thank our donors and grantee partners for their work in bringing us to this important moment.  

But we also recognize that much work remains in the fight for LGBTQ justice. Though the Respect for Marriage Act marks a welcome step forward, even it wouldn’t stop many states’ marriage bans from being revived should Obergefell fall. And LGBTQ people in many states remain vulnerable to discrimination, as the federal Equality Act may well not pass this year and is unlikely to pass in a Republican-controlled House. What’s more, anti-trans legislation continues to spread like wildfire across state legislatures, while we all got a shocking reminder about even our basic safety from the massacre at Colorado’s Club Q.   

We remain as committed as ever to working closely with our grantee partners and donors to fully realize our vision of a world where all LGBTQ people can live freely and fully.  

So let’s take today to celebrate today’s success, but also wake up tomorrow ready to tackle all that remains. Our progress is real. And so is the fight ahead.