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For press releases and news articles about Horizons Foundation, please visit our Press page.

A Year In Review: Check out the Foundation's 2013 Annual Report online.

2013 Horizons Foundation Annual ReportRead about a year of historic growth in Horizons Foundation's 2013 Annual Report. The annual report contains key data related to grantmaking, fundraising and financial reporting.

Horizons strengthens and supports all parts of the LGBT community
Horizons is the world's first LGBT community foundation, and the only nonprofit that supports all parts of the LGBT community throughout the Bay Area. Since 1980, Horizons has granted more than $25 million to critical organizations that help thousands of people each day. We're often the first to provide grants to emerging nonprofits and a core funder for anchor organizations that advocate for LGBT rights, serve LGBT youth and elders, ensure community health, and promote arts and culture.

Horizons mobilizes a community of donors and funders for greater impact
Horizons fuels the LGBT movement by mobilizing people to increase giving, educating donors, and combining individual donations sothat all gifts benefit multiple organizations and thousands of lives. We also advocate for important LGBT causes with mainstream foundations and corporate funders who rely on our 33 years of expertise, bringing millions of additional dollars to LGBT nonprofits.

Download the 2013 Annual Report

For a hard copy of the 2013 report, please contact Jenna Heath 

We've Updated the QGiving Guide
QGiving Guide

Horizons is proud to announce our fifth annual QGiving Guide [PDF]. This resource, updated and redesigned in December 2012, aims to help you find LGBT nonprofits in the Bay Area working on the issues you care about - and encourages you to give as generously as possible.

Did you know...

Your gifts, large or small, to whatever organizations or causes you're passionate about, make a difference. Thank you for your generosity and for helping build a strong, enduring, and compassionate LGBT community - for all of us.

Download the QGiving Guide...
(If you'd like a printed copy of the QGiving Guide, please contact us and we'll drop one in the mail.)

Horizons Foundation Announces New Road Scholarship Fund

Press Release

Horizons Foundation is please to announce the establishment of the New Road (NR) Scholarship Fund, a scholarship fund to support LGBT Asian]Pacific Islander students entering their first year of college in the Bay Area.

The fund, established by an anonymous donor, and will award as many as four $1000 scholarships in 2012. The donor received a university scholarship twenty years ago and he is very happy that he can now contribute to help students to achieve their education goals.

For complete information, including full eligibility criteria and how to apply for the scholarship, visit here.

LGBT Wise Senior Program Evaluation Now Available

On the Horizon blog

Did you know that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender seniors are more likely to live alone, less likely to have adult children, less likely to be connected to family of origin, and are not eligible for the Social Security Survivor, pension, or other federal benefits available to their heterosexual peers? LGBT seniors, in other words, lack the traditional safety net of aging.

As The California Wellness five year funding for LGBT WISE (Working to Improve Services to Elders) comes to a close, Horizons conducted an in-depth evaluation with the five grantees. Our goal was to gather the experience, knowledge, and wisdom of our Bay Area LGBT senior programs that are working with and on behalf of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender seniors in the communities where they live.

To learn more and download the full report click here.

We've Launched a Blog

On the Horizon blog

Horizons Foundation is delighted to launch our new blog, On the Horizon.

You'll find posts on the LGBT movement, issues facing nonprofit organizations, philanthropy and giving, and other topics. Most will be from Roger Doughty, Horizons' Executive Director. We plan include guest bloggers on occasion as well.

On the Horizon not only offers a simple way to communicate with our donors, grantees, funders, and allies all of our most important constituencies - but also gives us a forum for sharing the view from our unique position.

Central to Horizons' mission is working with and supporting the full range of our diverse community diverse by geography, race, gender, issue, class, and more. That means we try to take a broad view of the issues that the LGBT community faces, which in turn produces some knowledge or analysis that might not come up in other contexts and that we believe is worth passing along.

We hope you enjoy this window into Horizons' work.

Visit our blog...


96% of Bay Area LGBT Nonprofits Negatively Impacted by Recession

Press Release

Horizons Foundation released the results of the first systematic survey analyzing the economic recession's impact on nonprofits serving the Bay Area's extensive lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community. With responses from 52 different LGBT organizations representing a broad spectrum of the community, the survey indicates that 96% of responding nonprofits have been negatively affected by the recession.

"This survey underscores what we've known only through anecdote until now," said Roger Doughty, Horizons' Executive Director. "It's very sobering to learn that 96% of the organizations that LGBT people depend on for everything from healthcare to legal advocacy have been negatively affected. That translates into diminishing support for programs and services that so many people in our community depend on every single day." More...

Download the survey fact sheet
Download the summary results of the survey

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Have you seen the latest Horizons Foundation tweets? Keep up with the news and events, information about our grants, tips for LGBT donors, articles for professional advisors, data on LGBT giving, and more. It's a quick and easy way to stay informed.

You can also spread the word about Horizons and our work via Facebook. With one click, you can let your network of friends know how important it is for each of us to give to LGBT nonprofits. Together, we'll make giving an integral part of the LGBT community.

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Guide to Gift Planning Helps You Plan Your Legacy

Horizons Foundation's Guide to Gift Planning for the LGBT CommunityHorizons Foundation is proud to share our Guide to Gift Planning for the LGBT Community [PDF]. We created the guide as a free resource to help you think about and plan the legacy you want to leave. The guide also highlights how planned gifts to LGBT causes are the key to securing our community's financial future.

Many of us put off planning for the future for all kinds of reasons: maybe it seems very complicated or somber, or maybe we think our "estate" is too small (or nonexistent) for planning to matter. In reality, though, gift planning is about defining your own life and legacy - rather than letting the government's rules define them for you - and providing for the people and causes you care about.

In the guide you'll find information that will help you move forward in your gift planning:

It's important to remember that you can accomplish multiple goals with your estate, providing for your partner, your family, your children, your friends, and your community. Neither are you limited to supporting just one organization or interest area. Your example may well inspire others to make gift provisions in their own plans, too.

If you'd like to receive a printed copy of the guide or have other questions, please contact Deb Stallings, Director of Development and Gift Planning, at 415.398.2333 x103 or dstallings [at] horizonsfoundation [dot] org.

Download the Guide to Gift Planning for the LGBT Community: PDF
Learn more about the LGBT Community Endowment Fund...

RESEARCH FROM HORZIONS: Groundbreaking Study Examines Charitable Giving in the LGBT Community

By all indications, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people are at least as generous as other Americans. So why are less than 5% of them giving to support LGBT causes? More importantly, how can LGBT nonprofits capture more LGBT dollars? These are the central questions raised by research released by Horizons Foundation.

The first multi-part study of its kind, Building a New Tradition of LGBT Philanthropy offers a snapshot of current giving to LGBT organizations, and points to ways to expand the pool of individual donors whose untapped potential can power both the immediate and long-term success of the LGBT movement. The research is based on giving data from 39 LGBT and HIV organizations in the Bay Area, an extensive online donor survey, and a series of focus groups with LGBT donors. More...

Read the full research report...
Read the Executive Summary of the report...