Board, Staff, and Advisors

Advisory Council

Horizons is deeply fortunate to enjoy the support and advice of the foundation’s Advisory Council, which has an extraordinary array of leaders from the governmental, corporate, and philanthropic sectors, including many of the Bay Area’s most respected LGBTQ philanthropists and thought leaders. The Council convenes to provide regular input on timely strategic, community, and organizational issues.


Caryl Athanasiu

Adam Berman
Executive Director, Curriculum Development, Haas School of Business

Doug Braley
Former Executive Director, Horizons Foundation

Cheri Bryant
Former Executive Director, Horizons Foundation

Stuart Burden
Vice President, Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Miguel Bustos
Senior Director, Glide Foundation

Diana Campoamor
Former President & CEO, Hispanics in Philanthropy

David Campos
Former Supervisor, District 9, San Francisco Board of Supervisors

Patti Chang
Chief Executive Officer, Feed the Hunger Foundation

Cecilia Chung
Health Commissioner, San Francisco Department of Public Health

Jose Cisneros
Treasurer, City & County of San Francisco

Laurence Colton
Investor and philanthropist

Pam David
Former Executive Director, Walter & Elise Haas Fund

Ximena Delgado
Senior Vice President, Bank of America

Julie Dorf
Senior Advisor, Council for Global Equality

Margarita Gandia
Investor and philanthropist

Dipti Ghosh
Senior Vice President – Investments, Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC Member SIPC

David Gleba
Investor and philanthropist

William D. Glenn

Roger Gross
Attorney at Law

Scott Hafner
Co-Managing Partner, Hafner Vineyard

Sandra Hernández
President and CEO, California HealthCare Foundation

Ira Hirschfield
Former President, Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund

Hon. Donna Hitchens
Judge, Superior Court (ret)

Jean Johnston
Partner, Johnston, Kinney & Zulaica LLP

Kate Kendell
Campaign Manager, Take Back the Court

Deb Kinney
Partner, Johnston, Kinney & Zulaica LLP

Daniel Lee
Executive Director, Levi Strauss Foundation

Mark Leno
Former State Senator

Kathy Levinson
Organizational Strategist, Philanthropist, and Activist

Steve Lew
Senior Projects Director, Compass Point

Susan Lowenberg
President, Lowenberg Corporation

Ken McNeely
President, AT&T

Dee Mosbacher
Founder, Woman Vision

Joyce Newstat
Chief Executive Officer, Rocket Science Associates

Thao Ngo
Partner, ReedSmith LLP

Gale Richards
Partner, Bioquest, Inc.

Vincent Robinson
Managing Partner, The 360 Group

Emily Rosenberg
Donor activist

Lia Shigemura
Principal Leadership Instructor, Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Fred Silverman
Former Vice President, Marin Community Foundation

Theresa Sparks
Advisor and thought leader for diversity and inclusion

Julia Thoron
Former Chapter Chair, PFLAG San Francisco

Peg Van Camp
Investor and philanthropist

Léonie Walker
Philanthropic activist and advisor

Denise Wells
Director of Finance and Administration, Community Music Center

Scott Wiener
California State Senator

Jan Woolsey
Former Senior Vice President, Manager, CSR Data Center, Union Bank

Stan Yogi
Senior Consultant, Klein & Roth Consulting

Helen Zia