Gifts That Cost Nothing Now

Please consider a gift in your will or trust, or by beneficiary designation – all of which cost you nothing now. You can change your gift at any time and for any reason, while the impact you have will go on for years to come.

Please let us know if you’ve included Horizons in your estate plan. Providing us with documentation ensures that we have the information we need to carry out your wishes.

  • Gifts in a Will
  • Gifts by Beneficiary Designation

Naming Horizons as a beneficiary of your assets, such as your retirement plan, is a powerful way to create your Legacy of Pride. When you make a gift by beneficiary designation, the remaining assets will pass to Horizons. You can use this sample beneficiary designation for your gift.

Retirement funds gift

Gifts from retirement fund assets can have significant impact and strong tax benefits. This option is popular with many. When you designate Horizons as a beneficiary of your retirement plan, you reduce or eliminate taxes on retirement assets, remove highly taxable assets from your estate, and reduce or avoid probate fees. To name Horizons as a beneficiary of your retirement plan, contact your bank or insurance company to see whether a change of beneficiary form must be completed.

CDs, bank accounts, brokerage accounts, and commercial annuities

Naming Horizons as the beneficiary of a certificate of deposit, a checking or savings bank account, or a brokerage account is an effective way to create your Legacy of Pride.


If you have bonds that have stopped earning interest and that you plan to redeem, you will owe income tax on the appreciation. In the end, your heirs will receive only a fraction of the value of the bonds in which you invested. Since Horizons is a tax-exempt institution, naming us as a beneficiary means that 100 percent of your gift will go toward securing the rights of LGBTQ people and creating a world of full equality.

Donor-Advised Funds (DAF) residuals

The final distribution of contributions remaining in your DAF after your lifetime can be designated when you create or update your fund. We hope you will consider naming Horizons Foundation as a beneficiary of your account. You may even designate that Horizons Foundation receives a portion of the account value, leaving the remaining portion for other charitable organizations.

Don't have a DAF? Consider creating one with Horizons.

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Thanks to a generous challenge match from Hon. James Hormel and Michael Nguyen, your legacy gift will trigger an immediate $1,000 gift that will help power Horizons' work today, including our ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Don't miss the opportunity to have an additional gift made in your name!

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This information is not intended as legal, accounting, or other professional advice. For assistance in charitable giving, always engage the services of a qualified professional.