Sample Codicil

The following language may help you and your attorney when amending your bequest. 

I give, devise, and bequeath $ ___________ to Horizons Foundation, 550 Montgomery Street, Suite 700, San Francisco CA 94111, for its charitable uses and purposes.

In all other respects I ratify and confirm all of the provision of my said last Will and Testament dated on the _________ day of ______________, 20_ _

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I sign, publish and declare this instrument to be a Codicil to my last Will and Testament in the presence of the persons witnessing said Codicil at my request this _____ day of ___________, 202_ _

The codicil, to be valid, must be signed in the presence of witnesses, and the original placed with your other valuable papers. A copy can go to your lawyer and a copy to Horizons Foundation.

Legacy Giving Toolkit

  • FreeWill. FreeWill is an innovative, online resource that allows you to create a legally valid will or living trust for free in as little as 20 minutes. FreeWill not only provides a simple, cost-free, confidential way to plan for the future, but it also allows you to create your Legacy of Pride and help secure the future for LGBTQ generations to come.
  • Sample Language for Your Will or Trust. Find language that may help you and your attorney when making a variety of types of bequests.
  • Sample Beneficiary Designation. Get the information you need to to designate Horizons as a beneficiary of a qualified retirement plan or other financial account.
  • Sample Codicil. Find language that may help you and your attorney when amending your bequest.

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