Professional Advisors Circle (PAC)

For many years, Horizons Foundation has worked closely with financial advisors, estate planning attorneys, and other professional advisors to strengthen their practices with LGBTQ clients and promote charitable giving in the LGBTQ community.

The foundation’s work in this area is led by Horizons’ Professional Advisors Circle (PAC), a dedicated community of advisors who provide financial planning and legal, tax, real estate, and insurance services, and are experienced in meeting the needs of LGBTQ clients.

The goals of the PAC are to:

  • Provide outstanding educational opportunities for LGBTQ and ally professional advisors
  • Develop a strong network to enhance practice management among LGBTQ and ally professional advisors
  • Support the LGBTQ community and Horizons Foundation

Professional Advisors Series

Our annual series for professional advisors is an educational and networking opportunity for financial advisors, estate-planning attorneys, and other professionals who work closely with LGBTQ clients.

2019 Professional Advisors Series: 

In addition to excellent curriculum, these sessions present unique opportunities for Advisors to connect with scores of other professionals in a relaxed “lunch and learn” setting. In some instances, programs offer continuing education units. 

Capacity is limited and RSVP is required. If you have questions or would like more information about joining the Professional Advisors Network, please contact Theary Chan, Director of Philanthropic Services, at 415.398.2333 x121 or email at [email protected].

Online Directory of Professional Advisors

Horizons Foundation is proud to offer an online Directory of Professional Advisors for the LGBTQ Community, accessible to both donors and advisors. The directory features attorneys, financial advisors, accountants, real estate and insurance professionals who offer services that integrate the unique needs of LGBTQ clients.

If you would like to be added to our directory, please contact Theary Chan, Director of Philanthropic Services, at 415.398.2333 x121 or email at [email protected].

PAC Badge

Advisors are eligible to qualify for a badge that symbolizes their commitment to the LGBT community. During the sign-up process, advisors will have the opportunity to apply based on the following criteria (must meet at least two):

  • PAC Badge_260x260Current Leadership Circle member of Horizons Foundation (annual gift of $1,000+)
  • Give the equivalent of an annual leadership gift to another LGBTQ organization
  • Currently serving on a Board of Directors of an LGBTQ organization
  • Referred a client(s) to Horizons Foundation for a planned gift or a lifetime gift


See the Online Directory of Professional Advisors »

Donor-Advised Funds

A Donor-Advised Fund can help you take a tax deduction in the current year, avoid capital gains from the sale of highly appreciated assets, and spread the granting of charitable gifts over an unlimited number of years.


Helping LGBTQ Youth Thrive

Horizons Grants help create safe spaces so that youth can thrive. This is the story of one young man in Napa County and how his connection to grantee partner LGBTQ Connection changed his life.

“Growing up in Napa County was very different for me. I immigrated to Napa when I was 5, originally from Mexico…”  Read more.

Make History with Horizons!

Horizons’ bold Now and Forever Campaign creates a permanent source of funds that will support the LGBTQ community forever. Watch the video to learn more »